Les Petits Chanteurs De Versailles – Christmas In France (1957)

FrontCover1.jpgMany people still know this rare Christmas album from the  Fifties:

How delighted we were to be able to hear the very album we had listened to in the 1950’s while living in France. All the songs are beautifully sung in pure young voices. Sets the mood for the Winter holidays. (by J. Easterwood)

The best Christmas music ever!!! I first bought this record in about 1961 and thought I would never find it again. I am so happy! (Kathy Coletta)

A friend remembered this music from his childhood, and he has always wanted to hear it again. It was the perfect gift for him. (by jj)
I’ve enjoyed the music of Les Petits Chanteurs de Versailles since the late 1960’s. Their clear, young voices add to my Christmas memories. Fabulous album! (C.J. Evans)


And yes, this is a very moving Christmas album … maybe one of the best Christmas albums ever with a wonderful Annie Beaumont on vocals.


Les Petits Chanteurs De Versailles conducted by Pierre Beguigne
Annie Beaumont (vocals)
unknown orchestra conducted by Jacques Metehen*


01. Dans Cette Etable (In That Stable) (Traditional) 2.07
02. Vive Le Vent (Jingle Bells) (Blanche/Marbot) 2.39
03. Les Anges Dans Nos Campagnes (The Angels of Oure Fields) (Traditional) 4.38
04. Venez Divin Messie (Come Divine Messiah)  (Traditional) 3.42
05. Le Noël Des Petits Santons (The Christmas of Little Saints) (Sarvil/Ackermans) 3.13
06. Noël – Trois Anges Sont Venus (Christmas – Three Angels Have Come) (Holmes) 3.42′
07. Noël D’Adam – Minuit Chrétiens (Adam’s Christmas – Christian Midnight) (Cappeau/Adam) 4.08
08. Noël Blanc (White Christmas) (Berlin/Blanche) 3.12
09. Noël Nouvelet (Christmas Novelty) (Traditional) 3.36
10. Les Rois Mages (The Three Kings) (Traditional) 2.18
11. Il Est Né Le Divin Enfant (The Divine Child Has Been Born) (Traditional) 3.14
12. La Légende De Saint-Nicolas (The Legend of Saint Nicholas) (de Nerval/Gouvien) 4.04