David Lindley And El Rayo-X – Win This Record (1982)

FrontCover1David Perry Lindley (March 21, 1944 – March 3, 2023) was an American musician who founded the band El Rayo-X, and worked with many other performers including Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Ry Cooder, Bonnie Raitt, Warren Zevon, Curtis Mayfield and Dolly Parton. He mastered such a wide variety of instruments that Acoustic Guitar magazine referred to him not as a multi-instrumentalist, but instead as a “maxi-instrumentalist.”

The majority of the instruments that Lindley played are string instruments, including violin, acoustic and electric guitar, upright and electric bass, banjo, lap steel guitar, mandolin, hardingfele, bouzouki, cittern, bağlama, gumbus, charango, cümbüş, oud, and zither.

David Lindley02

Lindley was a founding member of the 1960s band Kaleidoscope, and worked as musical director for several touring artists. In addition, he occasionally scored and composed music for film.

Lindley died on March 3, 2023, at the age of 78, of an undisclosed illness. (wikipedia)

David Lindley04

And here´s his second solo album:

David Lindley is the consummate musician’s musician. A much-respected session player, Lindley has added his melodic string playing to albums by a lengthy list of artists, including Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, Linda Ronstadt, Rory Block, Ry Cooder, Warren Zevon, Terry Reid, David Blue, James Taylor, David Crosby, and Graham Nash. From 1971 until 1981, Lindley played a guiding role on Jackson Browne’s recordings and concert performances. Lindley’s eclectic approach provided the foundation for his own bands, Kaleidoscope (1967 — 1970) and El Rayo X (1981 — 1990). (by Craig Harris)

David Lindley03

Following up their excellent debut and a season of intense touring, David Lindley and his crack band (now named El Rayo-X) recorded their second Elektra album. It turns out that they actually bettered the near perfection of the first. Opening with an excellent version of Etta James classic “Something’s Got a Hold on Me,” this track proves how tight the band had became. Lindley’s slide guitar work is impressive as always. As an added bonus, the band’s vocal harmonies are extremely tight and a welcome addition. A version of the Cajun classic “Brother John” held great significance at the time shortly after John Lennon’s death — and again contains some of Lindley’s best slide work to date. A rambling, fun record, Win This Record is one of the finest rock records of the ’80s. (by Matthew Greenwald)

David Lindley05

By far my favorite of the two studio El Rayo X albums. There is an energy and lyrical path to this album that captures the fun, the lame and the whacky of that time (yet timeless). But beguilingly the lame and getting lamer political forest we had entered as a nation (along with Britain). I’m sure much of that positioning was David’s on his own but it helps to have longtime friendships with Jackson Brown and David Crosby – two men who never backed down from a poli-fight.

David Lindley06

I saw El Rayo X in Sacramento around the time of Win This Record’s release and like all unfair things in life, most start with a lack of respect or response. The club was barely a 1/3 full. Everybody loved it but c’mon, 1/3 full? Ouch. For a legend no less. Jackson should have thrown David more shoutouts during the crowd banter on the Running On Empty album, because that’s nearly a Lindley sonic landscape as much as a JB one.

But back to El Rayo, every genre they take on on WTR produces a great song. The treatments are all of a similar cloth but one that keeps getting ripped up to add a new texture.

Fun Record. Thoughtful record. I would Win this record if I were you. Listen to this record and you’ll WIN! I know, dorky, but true. (Roger F.)


Jorge Calderón (bass, percussion, background vocals)
Bernie Larsen (guitar, percussion, background vocals)
David Lindley (guitar, slide-guitar, vocals, baglama, guitorgan)
Ian Wallace (drums, percussion, guitar, background vocals)
Booker T. Jones (organ on 02.)
William Smith (organ on 06.)


01. Something’s Got A Hold On Me (Woods/James/Kirkland) 2.48
02. Turning Point (Graham, Jr.) 4.47
03. Spodie (Lindley) 5.01
04. Brother John (Neville) 5.50
05. Premature (Hibbert) 4.05
06. Talk To The Lawyer (Lindley) 5.01
07. Make It On Time (Lindley) 3.23
08. Rock It With I (Brevitt/Dowe) 5.08
09. Ram-A-Lamb-A Man (Lindley) 4.19
10. Look So Good (Lindley) 1.38



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Ry Cooder & David Lindley – The Family Tour (1995)

FrontCover1Ryland Peter “Ry” Cooder (born March 15, 1947) is an American musician, songwriter, film score composer, record producer, and writer. He is a multi-instrumentalist but is best known for his slide guitar work, his interest in traditional music, and his collaborations with traditional musicians from many countries.

Cooder’s solo work draws upon many genres. He has played with John Lee Hooker, Captain Beefheart, Taj Mahal, Gordon Lightfoot, Ali Farka Touré, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Neil Young, Randy Newman, Linda Ronstadt, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, David Lindley, The Chieftains, The Doobie Brothers, and Carla Olson and The Textones (on record and film). He formed the band Little Village, and produced the album Buena Vista Social Club (1997), which became a worldwide hit; Wim Wenders directed the documentary film of the same name (1999), which was nominated for an Academy Award in 2000.

Ry Cooder01

Cooder was ranked at No. 8 on Rolling Stone magazine’s 2003 list of “The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”, while a 2010 list by Gibson Guitar Corporation placed him at No. 32. In 2011, he published a collection of short stories called Los Angeles Stories. (wikipedia)

Ry Cooder02

David Perry Lindley (born March 21, 1944) is an American musician who founded the band El Rayo-X, and has worked with many other performers including Jackson Browne, Ry Cooder, Bonnie Raitt, Warren Zevon, Curtis Mayfield and Dolly Parton. He has mastered such a wide variety of instruments that Acoustic Guitar magazine referred to Lindley not as a multi-instrumentalist, but instead as a “maxi-instrumentalist.”


The majority of the instruments that Lindley plays are string instruments, including the acoustic and electric guitar, upright and electric bass, banjo, lap steel guitar, mandolin, hardingfele, bouzouki, cittern, bağlama, gumbus, charango, cümbüş, oud, and zither.

Lindley was a founding member of the 1960s band Kaleidoscope, and has worked as musical director for several touring artists. In addition, he has occasionally scored and composed music for film.


And here´s a delightful broadcast recording from Cooder & Lindley when Ry Cooder & David Lindley went out on a short tour across Europe, Cooder s last solo-album had been 1987 s Get Rhythm. He had, however been spending time working alongside a number of fellow musicians during this period, such as Malain guitarist, Ali Farka Touré, Hindi slide and classical guitarist, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and, most successfully, with John Hiatt, Nick Lowe and Jim Keltner, as a member of Little Village. David Lindley, as was his want, had also been collaborating with others, most recently with Warren Zevon, on Zevon s ninth record Mutineer. But in the early summer of 95, both these master musicians decided to keep it in the family , and indeed set out for a jaunt with Cooder s son, drummer, percussionist and keyboard player Joaquim in tow, and with Lindley s daughter, vocalist Roseanne, on what came to be known as The Family Tour.


The entourage performed in the UK, the Netherlands, France, Italy et al, and on 6th July they played in Vienna at the prestigious State Opera House, for a concert that was recorded and broadcast both locally and back home in the US. Playing a superb and eclectic set, with all members of the line-up taking turns to front this delightful combo, (revolutionbeats.com)


You would have thought this was recorded yesterday the sound is so good and the combination of Ry Cooder and David Lindley with David’s daughter singing some numbers and Ry’s son on percussion quite a family affair works so well. Anything with Lindley in is well worth it he only plays with the best and 140 mins of happy music in times of Coronavirus you may be cheered up (Jim Sproull)

Alternate front + backcover:

A real treat unearthed from the vaults. What a wonderful live performance of two excellent guitarists, featuring their fine slide work in particular and the soulful bluesy vocal of Roseanne Lindley. Good variety, including a traditional Irish tune and one from Madagascar but also some of the slow mournful stuff such as the theme from Paris Texas and Vigilante Man which doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the great up-tempo material embracing reggae rhythms, old r n b, gospel, blues, soul and rock.
The highest quality pin-sharp recording in the Vienna Opera house.(Mal)

Cooder & Lindley, assisted by their offspring, tackle a wide ranging collection of song styles , working hard to involve a rather stolid & reserved audience in this Viennese palace of culture. Maybe something got lost in translation. Pristine recording, virtuoso performances as one would expect from this lineup. (Doris H.)

 Recorded live at Opera House, Vienna /Austria, 06. July 1995
(excellent broadcast recording)


Joachim Cooder (drums, percussion)
Ry Cooder (guitar, vocals, accordion, bouzouki, tambora, mandolin)
David Lindley (guitar, vocals, bajo sexto, bouzouki, tambora)
Rosanne Lindley (vocals, guitar)

Another alternate frontcover:


CD 1:
01. Intro 1.23
02. Promised Land (Lindley) 6.38
03. Jesus On The Mainline (Traditional) 6.15
04. Mercury Blues (Douglas) 7.57
05. Afindafrindrao (Madagascar) (Traditional) 5.28
06. Si Beg Si Mhor (O`Carolan) 2.54
07. Paris Texas (Cooder)  / Vigilante Man (Guthrie) 10.32
08. All Shook Up (Blackwell/Presley) 6.01
09. That’s The Way The Girls Are From Texas (Chambers/Holiday/Lewis) 6.05
10. How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live (Reed) 7.11
11. Leave Home Blues (Lindley) 4.07

CD 2:
01. I´m A Lonesome Fugitive (Haggard) 3.57
02. Me And My Chauffeur (Memphis Minnie) 4.03
03. Ain´t No Way Baby (Lindley) 4.55
04. Break Up Your Happy Home (Matthews/Jackson Jr.) 4.38
05. Little Sister (Shuman/Pomus) 3.41
06. Play It All Night Long (Zevon) 6.43
07. If Walls Could Talk (Miller) /Smell (Davis) / 5-10-15 (Boyd/Powell) 8.32
06. Hold That Snake (Cooder) 6.27
07. Talk To The Lawyer (Lindley) 5.32
08. Good Night Irene (Ledbetter) 9.11
09. The Very Thing That Makes You Rich (Bailey) 5.55
10. Do You Want My Job (CooderHiatt/Keltner/Lowe) 6.21



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David Lindley – Live At The Bottom Line, New York (1981)

FrontCover1 David Lindley (born March 21, 1944) started his career with the psychedelic band Kaleidoscope in 1966 until 1970. Later he worked as a session musician with artists like Warren Zevon, Jackson Browne (performing a vocal on his song “Stay”), Dolly Parton, and David Crosby. His own band, El Rayo-X, released three albums in 1981-83 (the self-titled debut included “Mercury Blues”), and has released 22 albums as a solo act and appeared on 20 albums for other artists, including Browne’s 2010 release Love Is Strange, and Lindley joined Browne on tour in June 2010. His most recent collaboration was with Rickie Lee Jones in 2012.

David Lindley had released his debut solo album, El Rayo-X, in April 1981.

DavidLindleyThere was an older version in trading circles from an unknown gen and slightly shorter in length. This new posting is a total upgrade, with a known gen and complete. The tape flip was during crowd cheer, which I seamlessly pieced back together. No cuts in this recording. David dedicates ‘Brother John’ to John Lennon [Lennon was shot dead on December 8, 1980]. During the encore, David brings out his friend Jackson Browne. It’s a nice bonus.

Ras Baboo (percussion, background vocals)
Jorge Calderon (bass, vocals)
Bernie Larson (guitar)
David Lindley (guitar, vocals, fiddle, banjo)
Ian Wallace (drums)
Jackson Browne (vocals on 20. + 21.)

01. DJ Introduction 1.29
02. Twist & Shout 3:20 (Berns/Medley) 3.20
03. She Took Off My Romeos (Fuller) 5.28
04. Your Old Lady (Glick/Isley/Curtis) 5.34
05. Brother John (Neville) 8.04
06. Don’t Look Back (Robinson/White) 6.22
07. Tuning 3.27
08. The Reel Of The Hanging Man (unknown) 4.23
09. Tuning .43
10. Rag Bag (unknown) 5.12
11. Quarter Of A Man  (Fuller) 5.15
12. Band Introductions 2.51
13. Bye Bye Love  (F. Bryant/B.Bryant) 3.56
14. I’m A Hog For You Baby (Lieber/Stoller ) 3.10
15. Tu-ber-cu-lucas And The Sinus Blues  (Smith) 2.23
16. Rats In The Gramercy (unknown) 2.16
17. Mercury Blues (Douglas/Geddins) 3.57
18. DJ Comments 1.12
19. Pay The Man (Lindley/Pierre) 4.51
20. Doctor My Eyes (Browne) 6.57
21. El Rayo X (Calderón/Lindley) 4.25
22. DJ Outro 2.38