Livin’ Blues – Hell’s Session (1969)

FrontCover1This is the 1st album by the legendary Dutch Blues-Rock band Livin` Blues, which followed the pattern of many British groups, which were formed at about the same time. Led by their vocalist Nicko Christiansen, who co-wrote most of the bands original material (sung in English of course) with the band’s guitar player Ted Oberg, who was one of the country’s best, harmonica player John Lagrand and a constantly changing rhythm section. Alongside other Dutch Blues-Rock groups like Cuby And The Blizzards, Blues Dimension and a few others they formed quite a lively scene during the late 1960s and 1970s. A must to all Blues-Rock fans! (by Jazziss)

A captivating album of the hard blues, produced by Jaap Eggermont, formerly the drummer for Golden Earring. This album was recorded in just 3 days in July of 1969 and has a very intimate, live-in-the-studio feel to it. I can’t really explain how it sounds because it sounds just like electric blues rock. Nicko Christiansen has great chops for this type of music, roaring and slightly throaty. You got the guitar and the bass lines and such and the harmonica player is really good. Most of the tracks are originals, co-written by the band but there are several covers such as B.B. King’s “Worried Dreams” and “Waitin’ on You” and “Big Road Blues”, a traditional number.  I’d highly recommend this to any fans of good old blues rock. You can’t go wrong. (by yoyomama1)

Nicko Christiansen (guitar, vocals, percussion)
John Lagrand (harmonica)
Ted Oberg (guitar)
Henk Smitskamp (bass, keyboards)
Cesar Zuiderwijk (drums)

01. Waitin’ On You (King/Washington) 2.47
02. One Night Blues (Christiansen/Oberg) 6.40
03. Bowlegged Woman (Christiansen/Oberg) 2.34
04. Hell’s Session (Lagrand/Christiansen/Oberg) 4.53
05. Big Road Blues (Traditional) 2.46
06. Black Panther (Christiansen/Oberg) 3.10
07. Worried Dreams (King) 5.11
08. Big Black Train (Christiansen/Oberg) 4.00