J. C. Livingstone – Momma Was A Steamroller Lady + Oh La La Me (1973)

FrontCover1Who knows J. C. Livingstone ? I guess only a few people in the wordl.

He recorded in the early 70´s some singles (no LP !) under the direction of Rod McQueen.

Don’t be fooled by the toothy Donny Osmond grin as an evil smirk and darkness lies within… Propelled by savage pounding drums and featuring a nifty slide riff and brash guitars, Momma Was A Steamroller Lady (what a great title) is a real blustering rocker somewhere along the lines of Fortune Teller with a bit of Jumpin’ Jack Flash thrown in for good measure..

Momma was a steamroller lady, sister had a problem or two
Poppa was a freeloading son of a gun who never left money for food
But we were high high high…

This is Glam Rock filtered through 60’s garage Punk and it’s a real classic through and through. (by purepop1uk.blogspot)

Glam Rock / Pop, with those clumping drums and some razzy guitar; not out of the top drawer perhaps, but perfectly acceptable to an enthusiast for the genre such as myself. The ‘B’ loses all the glam and contents itself with being a simple Pop song. (by The Toad)

And sometimes you will hear The Kinks on “Momma Was A Steamroller Lady” !


J. C. Livingstone (vocals)
a bunch of unknown studio musicians


01. Momma Was A Steamroller Lady (McQueen/Michele) 2.07
02. Oh La La Me ((McQueen) 2.03