Los Sabandeños – Canario (Con la participación especial de Alfredo Kraus) (1993)

FrontCover1Back home again and I´m very lucky to present now a very popular group from Tenerife … Los Sabandeños:

Los Sabandeños is a Spanish large folk band from Canary Islands, founded in 1966 and still in active. They have compiled folk songs from their home land and also from South America.

During their career they recorded over 70 albums ! And here´s one of these albums, recorded with another star from the Canary Islands, Alfredo Kraus:

Alfredo Kraus Trujillo; 24 November 1927 – 10 September 1999) was a distinguished Spanish tenor from the Canary islands (known professionally as Alfredo Kraus), particularly known for the artistry he brought to opera’s bel canto roles. He was also considered an outstanding interpreter of the title role in Massenet’s opera Werther, and especially of its famous aria, “Pourquoi me réveiller?” (by wikipedia).


This double-album was released in 1993 and it´s really a great one … The music reminds me to the old great Fago tune from Portugal and it´s a music that can really touch your soul … very deep inside … if you would like to open your heart, your soul …

Try it … and enjoy this music, enjoy all these vocals … it´s a kind of magic !




01. Folías de la libertad (Alonso/Gonzalez) 5.51
02. Isa de Luciano (Alonso/Gonzalez) 4.55
03. Saltonas y seguidilla del Canario (Alonso/Gonzalez) 2.40
04. Te Cuento Cómo Vivo En Tenerife (Traditional) 3.32
05. Sombra Del Nublo (Alamo) 4.08
06. Guillén Peraza (Traditional) 4.53
07. Isa del Canario (Alonso/Gonzalez) 4.04
08. La Traición /Alonso/Roldan) 4.34
09. El Niño Y El Canario (Traditional) 3.39
10. Aires de Lima (Traditional) 5.09
11. Por Casualidad (Traditional) 3.14
12. Malagueñas Del Pajaro Enamorado (Alonso/Gonzalez) 3.46
13. El Canario (Traditional) 2.11
14. Cantos De Arada (Traditional) 5.44
15. Islas Canarias (Rodriguez) 2.23
16. Tenerife (Garcia) 3.37



And they are still alive and well … Los Sabandeños … here´s a screenshot of their website: