Lovin´ Spoonful feat. Joe Butler – Revelation – Revolution ’69 (1969)

FrontCover1Revelation: Revolution ’69 is an album by The Lovin’ Spoonful, released in 1969.

Revelation: Revolution ’69 is the final studio album by the group. It features Joe Butler as lead singer on most tracks, following the departure of former lead vocalist and songwriter John Sebastian. Almost all the songwriting for the album is divided fairly equally amongst three songwriting teams: Garry Bonner and Alan Gordon (notable for their earlier compositions for The Turtles); Ralph Dino and John Sembello; and producer Bob Finiz and Joe Butler. Butler also wrote one song on his own. The album also included “Never Going Back”, which was written by John Stewart and had been released in 1968 as a single.

The album was originally scheduled to be released with the title “Till I Run With You”. First pressings of the album bear labels with this title, and the front cover (a naked woman running after a naked Joe Butler, with their genitals covered by a running lion, and the woman’s breasts obscured by either a body suit or photo retouching) bears witness to the intended original title. The title track “Till I Run With You” was released as a single in advance of the album, but was a total flop, failing to even make the “Bubbling Under” charts; this may be the reason the album title was ultimately changed.

In the end, three of this album’s songs were released as A-sides of singles: “Never Going Back” (retitled “Never Goin’ Back” on some issues), “(Till I) Run With You” (retitled “‘Til I Run with You” on some issues), and “Me About You”. “Never Going Back” peaked at #73 in the US, while “Me About You” topped out at #91. (by wikipedia)

JoeButlerTodayJoe Butler today

The band is billed here as “the Lovin’ Spoonful Featuring Joe Butler.” Just when everybody had written them off after Sebastian’s departure, this flawed gem came out of left field. Butler’s smooth voice had graced a few tracks on all of the past LPs, in addition to having a few of his own tunes included. He comes into his own here, but unfortunately, his three originals are the weakest songs on the LP, especially the ultra-hip sound collage “War Games.” However, the great pop team of Bonner and Gordon came up with three strong tunes, including the hit “Me About You” (previously done by The Turtles) and the fine “(Till I) Run with You” (the title of the LP as written on the label), with John Stewart supplying the best track, the gorgeous “Never Going Back.” (by Gary Mollica)

And “War Games” is an important anti-war song … and anti-war songs are necessary … till today !

SingleFront+BackCoverSingle front+backcover, billed only as “Joe Butler”

Joe Butler (vocals, drums)
Steve Boone (bass)
Jerry Yester (guitar, vocals, keyboards)

01. Amazing Air (Bonner/Gordon) 2.50
02. Never Going Back (Stewart) 2.48
03. The Prophet (Finiz/Butler) 2.45
04. Only Yesterday (Dino/Sembello) 2.43
05. War Games (Butler) 7.02
06. (Till I) Run With You (Gordon/Bonner) 2.52
07. Jug Of Wine (Dino/Sembello) 2.31
08. Revelation: Revolution ’69 (Butler/Finiz) 2.29
09. Me About You (Bonner/Gordon) 3.48
10. Words (Dino/Sembello) 2.18
11. Revelation: Revolution ’69” (single version/alternate mix) (Butler/Finiz) 2.28
12. Revelation: Revolution ’69 (single version/alternate mix, vocal) (Butler/Finiz) 2.17
13. Me About You (single version/alternate mix) (Bonner/Gordon) 2.49