Trevor Lucas – Overlander (1966)

LPFrontCover1Trevor George Lucas (25 December 1943 – 4 February 1989) was an Australian folk singer, a member of Fairport Convention and one of the founders of Fotheringay. He mainly worked as a singer-songwriter and guitarist but also produced many albums and composed for the film industry toward the end of his career. He married three times, his first wife was Cheryl (1964 – ca. 1969), his second wife was fellow folk musician Sandy Denny (1973–1978), and his third wife was Elizabeth Hurtt-Lucas (ca. 1979–1989). Lucas died on 4 February 1989 of a heart attack in his sleep, in Sydney, aged 45. He was survived by Hurtt-Lucas, his daughter, Georgia Rose Lucas (by Denny), and his son, Clancy Hurtt-Lucas.  (b wikipedia)

Trevor Lucas was one of the most acclaimed singer/songwriters Australia ever produced and although he was held in high regard in UK folk-rock circles, he remained virtually unknown in his homeland.
(Ian McFarlane)


Lucas’ solo album will most likely come as a surprise to those who know his work from Fotheringay and Fairport Convention. It’s pure traditional British folk, featuring his guitar and deep vocals complemented by violin and accordion, without a trace of rock or folk-rock. It’s competent but standard fare, comprised almost wholly of traditional tunes (“Waltzing Matilda” being the most familiar) and not one Lucas original. “South Australia” puts a bit of a spin on the genre, as there are relatively few British folk-styled performances with lyrics about Australia, rather than the British Isles. This rarity is primarily recommended to Fairport fanatics curious about the roots of one of Fairport Convention’s second-line members; dozens if not hundreds of similar albums in the style have been made by other performers. (


Alf Edwards (concertina)
George Gibbs (bass)
Cyril Harling (fiddle)
Trevor Lucas (vocals, guitar)


01. The Overlander (Traditional) 2.33
02.  Waltzing Matilda (Traditional) 3.01
03. A Wee One (Traditional) 3.27
04. Lazy Harry’s (Traditional) 2.56
05. It’s On (Henderson) 2.42
06. South Australia (Traditional) 2.00
07. Shanties By The Way (Traditional) 2.04
08. The Shearer’s Dream (Lawson/Lloyd) 3.48
09. The Flash Stockman (Traditional) 1.51
10. Bluey Brink (Traditional) 2.57
11. On The Banks Of The Condamine (Traditional) 4.09
12. Bold Jack Donohoe (Traditional) 4.00



Trevor George Lucas (25 December 1943 – 4 February 1989)