Antonio de Lucena – Guitarra Clásica Espanola (1995)

FrontCover1This is a very special edition of an Antonio de Lucena album for the opening of a nice little museum called “Museo del Bandolero”:

The “Museo del Bandolero” (Bandolero Museum) is a museum located in the city of Ronda, Malaga Province (Spain). It has exhibition material that consists of a total of 1,316 pieces and records and an average of 51,000 visits per year since its launch in May 1995. It is the only one that exists at the national level that collects various aspects of the social phenomenon of the bandits.

The museum, located in a late nineteenth century, is divided into five rooms. So, there is the so-called ‘romantic travelers and documentation’, in which baptismal and death certificates, burial and info is collected, as well as photographs of famous bandits as Jose Maria Hinojosa “El Tempranillo” Diego Corrientes Mateos, Jose Ulloa “Tragabuches” Rios and Francisco Gonzalez ‘Francisco Gonzalez Rios’.

Another dependency is ‘Living banditry’ where three performances are represented: ‘the inn’, ‘the Abduction’ and ‘the Cave’ , and where the mannequins are dressed in costumes of the era itself. There is also a comic book collection consisting of over 200 specimens dating to 1940, in which the life of the bandits is narrated.

Moreover, you can also visit ‘Men and names’, which houses an exhibition of costumes, oils, watercolors and photographs of the most recognized by the public bandits and some events staged about many of them; or ‘Those who followed the trail’, dedicated to the security forces that pursued the bandits: the Civil Guard.

Antonio De Lucena
Antonio de Lucena

In it, besides finding the bandits capture records and official bulletins of this security force, there is a map that shows the distribution of command posts; controls, and the first awards of the Meritorious uniforms. All original material.

Finally, the tour is completed with the room ‘Arms and written testimonies’, which contains a large collection of bandits own weapons such as guns or knives. The museum also has a library that houses more than 495 books written by people who lived close this time of history and whose editions date from 1823 to the present. (by

Another beautiful guitar album from my vacations in Andalusian/Spain …  What a wonderful sound !


The bag of a nice little guitar + record shop in Ronda/Spain

Antonio de Lucena


01. Concierto de Aranjuez (Rodrigo) 3.59
02. Romance Anonimo – Juegos Prohibidos (Traditional) 2.28
03. Carmen (Traditional) 2.52
04. La Leyenda del Beso (Herrera/Diaz/Aramburu/Soutullo) 3.39
05. Entre dos Aguas (Lucia/Torregrosa) 5.55
06. Granada (Albeniz) 3.35
07. Los Campanilleros (Traditional) 2.37
08. Capricho Arabe (Tarrega) 4.38
09. El Vito (Traditional) 2.42
10. Malaguena (Traditional) 4.16
11. Estudio Cano (Cano) 2.10
12. Endecha – Preludio (Cano) 2.19




Alternate frontcover