Lugosi Band – Souvenirs From The Budapest Lugosi Band – Hungarian Gypsy Music (2006)

TFrontCover1he Lugosi Gipsy Band is one of the most famous bands in Hungary. The orchestra’s founder and leader is Tibor Lugosi, who is a high qualified clarinettist and tárogató (special Hungarian instrument) artist and he is soloist of the Hungarian Radio and the Hungarian National Television too.

All members in the band are highly educated, and they are excellent performers!

Their repertory is very colourful and plentiful, several kind of neat music choice. Apart from the traditional Hungarian and Gipsy folk music, they play pieces of Brahms, Kodály, Bartók and Liszt. The programme of the orchestra includes world-famous classical compositions too. To diversify their programme, they also play operetta, musical and background music productions.

Their play reserved stand up ovation several times. Celebrities who have been to Hungary, listened to Lugosi Orchestra’s music with pleasure.

Try, discover and enjoy this wonderful melodies from Budapest !

Tibor Lugosi jr. and His Gypsy Band
Tibor Lugosi (clarinet)

01. Collection Of Csardas Traditionel (Traditional) 4.44
02. Hungarian Dance No. 5 (Brahms) 2.19
03. Nota  Popular Dance (Traditional) 3.10
04. Skylark (Dricu) 4.17
05. Bouquet Of Folk Tunes (I) (Traditonal) 6.19
06. Transylvanian Folk Songs (Traditional) 3.03
07. Marica grofno cimu operetttböl (Kálmán/Brammer/Grünwald) 13.36
08. Hallgato (Traditional) 6.25
09. Bouquet Of Folk Tunes (II) 5.08
10. Bouquet Of Folksy Tunes (unknown) 6.02
11. Csardas (Monti) 4.34
12. Puszta Puszta (Traditional) 4.21