The Manhatten Transfer – Bop Doo-Wop (1984)

FrontCover1This album, released as a stopgap between major projects, is really an anthology of various studio scraps and live remote pickups, no doubt carefully curated and selected by that indefatigable collector, Tim Hauser. The rhythm track for “My Cat Fell In the Well” dates back to 1976’s Coming Out sessions (the vocals are from 1984); everything else comes from the period of 1983-84, including five performances from a live gig in Tokyo that was more comprehensively documented in 1996’s Live In Tokyo. In the studio tracks — a mostly eccentric lot — the ebullient Transfer doo wop manner is celebrated again in “Baby Come Back to Me” and a nutty, fast “Unchained Melody.” Though this is a peculiar, disjointed collection that only a Transfer collector would love…the parts are certainly worth hearing, and they are certainly a departure from the contemporary pop-minded Bodies and Souls. (by Richard S. Ginell)

Recorded live in Tokyo at Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan – November, 1983
(01., 02., 05., 08. + 09.)

Recorded at Studio 55, October 1984
(03., 06. + 10.)

Recorded at Paradise Studios, Sydney, Australia.December, 1983

Recorded Symphony Hall by WGBH-TV, Boston

Rhythm track recorded at Studio 55, 1976


Cheryl Bentyne (vocals)
Tim Hauser (vocals)
Alan Paul (vocals)
Janis Siegel (vocals)
Alex Blake (bass)
Yaron Gershovsky (keyboards)
Wayne Johnson (guitar)
Tom Kellock (synthesizer)
John Mayer (piano)
Andy Munson (bass)
Jim Nelson (drums)
Ira Newborn (guitar)
Don Roberts (woodwind)
Art Rodriguez (drums)
John Cutcliffe  (background vocals on 07.)
Don Roberts (background vocals on 07.)
Art Rodriguez (background vocals on 07.)

01. Route 66 (Troup) 3.20
02. Jeannine (Person/Brown) 5.30
03. My Cat Fell In The Well (Well! Well! Well!) (Moll/Robertson/Shand) 2.45
04. The Duke Of Dubuque (Faber/Marchant/Roya) 2.20
05. How High The Moon (Lewis/Hamilton) 1.58
06. Baby Come Back To Me (The Morse Code Of Love) (Santamaria) 2.52
07. Safronia B (Boze) 2.09
08. Heart’s Desire (Purdi/Cox/Lewis/Dozier/Ingram) 2.40
09. That’s The Way It Goes (Parker/Levy/Cita) 2.49
10. Unchained Melody (North/Zaret) 2.30