Various Artists – Reading Rock – Volume One (1982)

lpfrontcover1The twenty second festival possibly had a more attractive lineup than 1981, at least if one was a heavy rock devotee. The inclusion of hard rock guitar stalwarts Gary Moore, Randy California, southern rockers Blackfoot and erstwhile pub rockers Dave Edmunds and Wilko Johnson gave the lineup spine that was missing from the previous year.

   The headliners were also a tad more prestigious. The Scorpions/UFO former lead guitarist Michael Schenker, whose repertoire veered into the sort of metal jazz/rock territory inhabited by Jeff Beck- as well as delivering more predictable hard rock fare -gave Sunday night a touch of class .
   Budgie and Iron Maiden were guaranteed to deliver an exciting hard rock show, regardless of whether one thought of them as innovators within the genre or not. Maiden’s credentials were reinforced by the presence of Bruce Dickinson , the erstwhile Samson lead vocalist , who had taken over the vocal spot from Paul Di’Anno .
   All three of these artists were recorded by the venerable BBC and broadcast on the Radio One Friday night rock show in 1983 .
Iron Maiden
Once again, Reading delivered a mid range experience for the punters , no top end acts like Pink Floyd or the Stones which needed a mega crowd to return the organisers a profit, but a solid workmanlike bill that would leave the attendees satisfied in the main . This was what Reading was about at the time, but the formula was about to change , as 1983 would be the last Reading for several years, at long last , the never ending story was about to come to a ( temporary ) stop (by
It is strange that Mean Records chose to include a couple of tracks that weren’t actually from the 82 Festival – Whitesnake’s recording was from the 79 Festival and UFO’s from 1980. Yet, they neglected to include tracks from bands that did perform like – Iron Maiden, Gary Moore and Tygers of Pan Tang. Below is the (almost) correct running order of the 1982 Reading Festival, taken from the official festival program. Perhaps they had intended to release a Volume Two (based on the name for this release – Volume One) but as far as I can gather this did not happen. (by Mr. AussieRock)
Michael Schenker
I add ten more songs from this great Festival (thanks to
01. Whitesnake:  Walking In The Shadows Of The Blues (Coverdale/Marsden) 4.40
02. Terraplane: I Want Your Body (Morley)  5.47
03. Marillion: He Knows You Know (Marillion) 4.46
04. Jackie Lynton: Slow Rider (Lynton/White) 4.46
05: Budgie: Superstar (Shelley/Thomas) 4.07
06. Bernie Marsden: S.O.S. (Marsden/Hawthorn) 4.42
07. Chinatown: I Wanna See You Tonight (Chinatown) 3.58
08. Randy California:  Come On Woman (California) 4.07
09. Stampede: There And Back (L.Archer/R.Archer/Bond) 5.44
10. Twisted Sister: Shoot ‘Em Down (Snider) 5.07
11. Michael Schenker: Attack Of The Mad Axeman  (Schenker/Barden) 4.31
12. Marillion: Three Boats Down From The Candy (Marrilion) 4.40
13. Terraplane: Turn Me Loose (Morley) 4.13
14. Just Good Friends: You Really Got Me (Davies) 4.27
15. UFO: Hot And Ready (Schenker/Mogg) 3.25
16. Budgie: Panzer Division Destroyed (Shelley/Thomas) 6.20
17. Grand Prix: Keep On Believin’ (Lanzon/O`Donoghue) 5.10
18. Spider: All The Time (Burrows/Harkness) 4.07
19. Chinatown: Caught On The Wrong Side (Chinatown) 4.24
20. Jackie Lynton; Hedgehog Song (Lynton) 4.57
21. Gary Moore: Nuclear Attack (Moore) 5.27
22. Iron Maiden: Wrathchild (Harris) 3.32
23. Praying Mantis: Nightmares (C.Troy/Potts/Carroll/T.Troy) 3.01
24. Tygers Of Pan Tang: Blackjack (Tygers Of Pan Tan) 3.04
25. Y&T: Black Tiger (Kennemore/O´Conner/Rush/Haze/Alves/Meniketti) 4.14
26. Gary Moore: Parisean Walkways (Lynott/Moore) 5.25
27. Iron Maiden Tush (Beard/Gibbons/Hill) 6.05
28. Praying Mantis: Flirtin’ With Suicide (C.Troy/Potts/Carroll/T.Troy) 5.28
29. Tygers Of Pan Tang:
Slave To Freedom (Cox/Dick/Weir) 5.18
30. Y&T: Forever (Kennemore/O´Conner/Rush/Haze/Alves/Meniketti) 5.47

Bernie Marsden – And About Time Too (1979)

frontcover1Bernard John “Bernie” Marsden (born 7 May 1951) is an English rock and blues guitarist. He is primarily known for his work with Whitesnake, having written or co-written with David Coverdale many of the group’s hit songs, such as “Fool For Your Loving” and “Here I Go Again.”

After playing with a Buckinghamshire band called Skinny Cat, Bernie Marsden got his first professional gig with UFO. He next played with Glenn Cornick’s Wild Turkey in 1974, before Bernie Marsden joined Babe Ruth in 1975, and played on two releases, Stealin’ Home (1975) and Kid’s Stuff (1976), before moving on to Paice Ashton Lord in 1977, with Tony Ashton and ex-Deep Purple members, Ian Paice and Jon Lord. (by

And this is his first solo-album during his Whitesnake period:

Bernie Marsden was well into a recording career when he struck out on his own for 1979’s And About Time Too, which may explain the album’s joking title. At the time, Marsden was playing guitar in Whitesnake, following years with UFO, Wild Turkey, Cozy Powell’s Hammer, and Babe Ruth, among others, so he had a significant résumé, all suggesting that he was ready for a spot of heavy rocking, but And About Time Too is much softer than his past or present, a slick and phased collection of ’70s album pop and rock featuring such impressive players as Powell, Jack Bruce, Ian Paice, and Jon Lord. Again, all this suggests a harder record than what And About Time Too actually is. Certainly, much of its appeal is down to its period stylings, particularly when he indulges himself on a piece of sprightly pop like “Love Made a Fool of Me” or “Sad Clown” — songs that could’ve crossed over from album rock to adult contemporary — and these tunes are strong enough that they make such heavy blues workouts as the grinding “Brief Encounter” and the woozy, solo-laden closer “Head the Ball” feel like detours even when they’re much closer to Marsden’s main line of work. Other remnants of the time, such as the heavy layers of analog synths from Don Airey and the long stretches of instrumental pyrotechnics, keep this somewhat at a remove from modern listeners, but it is those aforementioned poppier numbers that do make this worth a spin; they may not capture Marsden at his most representative but they may capture him at his best. (by Stephen Thomas Erlewine)

This edition includes the single B-side “You & Me,” a pretty good arena rockerand two more live recordings, including a great version of the classic “Shakey Ground”.

And itßs the jazz-rock part of this album, that is more than brilliant (listen to “Head The Ball” sounds a little bit like “Colosseum II”)


Don Airey (keyboards, synthesizer on 01., 02., 03.,  04.,  05., 07., 09.)
Jack Bruce (bass on 01., 02., 04., 06, 07., 08., 09.)
Jon Lord (organ on 06., 07. , 08, clavinet on 08.)
Bernie Marsden (guitar, vocals)
Neil Murray (bass on 03., 05.)
Ian Paice (drums on 01., 07., 08.)
Simon Phillips (drums on 02., 04., 06., 09.)
Cozy Powell (drums on 03., 05.)
background vocals:
Alan Carvell – Stuart Calver – Tony Rivers – Doreen Chanter – Irene Chanter


01. You’re The One (Marsden) 3.58
02. Song For Fran (Marsden) 2.52
03. Love Made A Fool Of Me (Marsden) 3.48
04. Here We Go Again (Marsden) 3.30
05. Still The Same (Marsden) 6.27
06. Sad Clown (Marsden) 5.13
07. Brief Encounter (Marsden) 4.25
08. Are You Ready (Marsden) 3.38
09. Head The Ball (Marsden(Airey) 5.30
10. You And Me (Marsden) 2.53
11. Who’s Fooling Who (live) (Marsden) 4.17
12. Shakey Ground (Bowen/Boyd/Hazel) 4.20




Single front+back cover


Bernie Marsden – Look At Me Now (1981)

FrontCover1Before joining the original line-up of Whitesnake, Bernie Marsden had already enjoyed an illustrious career having been guitarist in Wild Turkey, Cozy Powell’s Hammer, Babe Ruth, UFO and Paice Ashton Lord (or PAL), a band featuring ex-Deep Purple and future Whitesnake members Ian Paice on drums and Jon Lord on keyboards. After PAL, Bernie found his niche as lead guitarist for David Coverdale’s new band Whitesnake in 1978 for David’s “North Winds” tour, “Snakebite EP” and “Trouble” LP.

Bernie Marsden’s second solo LP, made whilst he was still a full-time member of Whitesnake, was originally released by EMI on their Parlophone imprint in 1981.

BernieMarsdenProduced by Bernie Marsden himself, the album features the rare non-album b-side ‘Always Love You So’ + two live tracks. (by cherry red)

Marsden’s second solo album did a little better than his first, charting at number 71 in the U.K. It wasn’t much different in style than his debut, And About Time Too, featuring as it did pretty ho-hum mainstream hard rock and unmemorable songwriting and vocals. Jon Lord, Ian Paice, and Cozy Powell were again on hand as session men.(by Richie Unterberger)


Jon Lord (keyboards, synthesizer)
Bernie Marsden (guitar, vocals)
Neil Murray (bass)
Ian Paice (drums)
John Cook (synthesizer)
Doreen Chanter (background vocals)
Irene Chanter (background vocals)
Cozy Powell (drums on 04.)
Michael Schenker (handclaps on 03.)
Simon Phillips (drums, percussion on 06., 08., 09.)

01. Look At Me Now (Marsden)
02. So Far Away (Marsden)
03. Who’s Foolin’ Who?” (Bernie Marsden)
04. Shakey Ground (Al Boyd, Eddie Hazel, Jeff Bowen)
05. Behind You Dark Eyes (Marsden) 4.42
06. Byblos Shack: Part One & Two (Marsden) 4.04
07. Thunder And Lightning (Marsden/Murray) 4.21
08. Can You Do It?”(Rock City Blues) (Marsden)
09. After All The Madness” (Bernie Marsden)
10. Always Love You So (Single B-side) (Marsden)
11. Look At Me Now (live) (Marsden)
12. Byblos Shack (live) (Marsden)


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Borderline – Line Up (1994)

BorderlineFrontCoverBorderline was the short-lived project of Germans leading southern rock musician Georg Bayer. After having much trouble with his own and original band “Lizard”, he formed this project to fulfil his record contract. Borderline was a southern rock quartett with as bunch of guest musicians, amongst others Micky Moody and Bernie Marsden (ex-Whitesanke).
The last four tracks of this albums are bonus tracks, whick are not to find on the original album (recorded in Stuttgart/Germany & Atlanta/Georgia).
You can hear finest southern rock from Germany and Georg Bayer knows how to boogie … he learnt his lessons on the road and his cover versions are very pretty, too.

Georg Bayer (vocals)
Bruce Brookshire (guitar, vocals)
Daniel Ford (bass)
Danny Lastinger (drums)
Jeff Carlisli (guitar)
Tim Elliott (guitar)
Rainer Kunert (percussion)
Volker Kunschner (keyboards)
Bernie Marsden (guitar)
Micky Moody (guitar)
David Romine (keyboards)
John Samuelson (guitar)
Rob Walker (guitar)
Kenny Wrigjt (harmonica)

01. Bring Me Some Water (Marsden/Moody) 4.31
02. She Drives Me Crazy (Bayer/Thumser) 3.06
03..Out In The Road (Bayer/Seeger) 3.43
04. Josephine (Brookshire)
05. My Sweet Little Angel (Bayer/Seeger) 3.43
06. Woman (Bayer/Seeger) 2.49
07 Macon, Georgia (Bayer/Thumser) 5.36
08. Hold Me Now (Bayer/Thumser) 4.42
09. Love That Burns (Green/Adams) 4.58
10. Fun Runner (Bayer/Brookshire) 3.48
11. Homesick (Buie/Cobb) 4.01
12. Junior´s Wailing (White/Pugh) 3.26
13. Father And Son (Stevens) 4.42
14. Long Cool Woman (Cook/Clarke/Greenway) 5.12