Hank Marvin – Guitar Player (2002)

FrontCover1 Hank Marvin, mostly playing a Favino acoustic guitar (and, occasionally, the “Hank Marvin”-model Fender Stratocaster), turns in some delightful work on this 58-minute CD, supported by players including Ben Marvin on guitar, Ray Martinez on bass, Gary Taylor on rhythm guitar, and Ric Eastman on drums. The music ranges across the decades from the 1950s to the 1970s — the virtuosity is beyond question and the arrangements on familiar fare such as “Sunny Afternoon,” “American Pie,” “Ticket to Ride” and “Eleanor Rigby” bring out some unexpected attributes to the songs, as well — only “Your Song” does what one would expect in its arrangement, and that tune is so pretty that one would never want to deviate too far from the basics on it. Some of the original tunes are less than memorable melodically, but the playing is always interesting enough to hold the listener, and one of them, “A Tall-A Tall Dark Stranger” could have made a good single two or three decades ago, with its rippling double-lead guitar parts. The sound is state-of-the-art, and the whole CD is a superb and worthy creation for one of England’s foundation rock musicians. (by Bruce Eder)

TourPosterSince his career began in the late 50s with the Drifters (who then had to become the Shadows), Hank Marvin has steadily become what many guitarists call “A guitar players guitarist” thanks to his very unique sound. Fitting then that after four decades in the business he has earned the title Hank Marvin–Guitar Player. These days he’s rarely in the limelight as Hank’s brand of easy listening covers in a twangy guitar style don’t break any boundaries but then again they don’t have to. For this latest one he loses his signature sound of Fender Strat and hefty reverb for an acoustic six string but the arrangements remain much the same. However, with no echo to fill space Hank’s really got into a nice rhythmic style with a few ditties like “Ticket to Ride” “American Pie” and “Eleanor Rigby” positively rocking by usual standards. Other high points are his Latin workout of the Eagles’ “Hotel California” and a Dixieland blues romp called “Benny’s Toon”. Some of the songs may sound a bit like a holiday camp entertainer but like his previous solo material, much of it would sound better if backing a cinematic event with it being a little too subtle to grab your interest on its own but together with some on screen drama could work wonders. But anyway, as good as it is… bring back your tremolo arm and twangy electric guitar Hank. (by Dave Pordigits)

Hank+BenHank Marvin with his son Ben Marvin

Ric Eastman (drums, percussion)
Sam Gillett (drum programming)
Roy Martinez (bass)
Ben Marvin (guitar)
Hank Marvin (guitar, slide-guitar)
Nunzio Mondia (keyboards, accordion)
Annie Neal (vocals)
Robbie Pisano (bass)
Paul Pooley (bass)
Paul Reynolds (vocals)
Luke Savage (keyboards)
Howie Smallman (harmonica)
Trevor Spencer (percussion)
Chris Tarr (percussion)
Gary Taylor (guitar, keyboards)
Phil Watts (guitar)

01. Dance With Me (Hall) 3.51
02. Killing Me Softly (Gimbel/Fox) 4.17
03. Ticket To Ride (Lennon/McCartney) 5.23
04. Maya’s Day (H.Marvin) 4.41
05. Lately (H.Marvin) 4.57
06. A Tall-A-Tall Dark Stranger (H.Marvin) 2.46
07. Eleanor Rigby (Lennon/McCartney) 2.26
08. Petite Fleur (Bechet) 3.22
09. Sunny Afternoon (Davies) 3.47
10. Benny’s Toon (H.Marvin/Taylor) 2.49
11. American Pie (McLean) 4.59
12. Midnight At The Oasis (Nichtern) 4.22
13. Hotel California (Felder/Frey/Henley) 5.46
14. Your Song (Taupin/John) 4.44