Christine McVie – Live At The Country Club in Reseda, California (1983)

FrontCover1The Nevinsrip Basement Tapes is back again with a treat for all Fleetwood Mac fans. This is a rare Christine McVie show with a different band. The show was taped for a “Superstars In Concert” radio broadcast at the County Club in Reseda, California in 1984.

This was of course a promotion concert for her solo album “Christine McVie”.

That´s all the information that I have on this show. If anyone can fill in details it would be appreciated and if anyone cares to create cover art then please do. Mick Fleetwood makes an appearance as a special guest star. Thanks to DADDY 515 for the loan of the original tape. Enjoy the show.

Recorded live at The Country Club, Reseda, CA, 16th Dec 1983


Billy Burnette (guitar)
Steve Ferrone (drums)
George Hawkins (bass, vocals)
Christine McVie (keyboards, vocals)
Todd Sharp (guitar)
Mick Fleetwood (drums on 12)



01. Introduction 0.21
02. Love Will Show Us How (McVie/Sharp) 5.16
03. Keeping Secrets (Pasqua/Sharp) 3.40
04. The Challenge (McVie/Sharp) 5.27
05. Who’s Dreaming This Dream (Douma/Sharp) 3.40
06. I’m The One (Sharp) 5.28
07. So Excited (Burnette/McVie/Sharp) 4.19
08. Don’t Stop (McVie) 3.54
09. Got A Hold On Me (McVie/Sharp) 3.51
10. Band intros + One In A Million (McVie/Sharp) 6.47
11. You Make Lovin Fun (McVie) 4.46
12. World Turning (McVie/Buckingham) 11.43
13. Songbird (McVie) 2.54
14. Say That You Love Me (McVie) 3.59
15. Over My Head (McVie) 3.20