Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich – Same (1966)

DaveDeeSame1966FCGranted, their success was nominal in the States and they fared significantly better throughout Europe, but Dave “Dee” Harman (guitar/vocals), Trevor “Dozy” Davies (bass), John “Beaky” Diamond (rhythm guitar), Michael “Mick” Wilson (drums), and Ian “Tich” Amey (lead guitar) were a highly underrated instrumentally self-contained unit with a penchant for aggressive pop leanings that remained buoyant and catchy, while simultaneously flirting with the subterranean freakbeat and mod scenes as well. That distinction can be heard between the pulsating rhythms of “Hold Tight,” “No More Love,” and “We Got a Good Thing Goin'” — recalling the unmistakable backbeat of the Dave Clark Five. This is especially true of the opener, the self-parodying “DDD-BMT,” which is not a synthetic drug reference, but rather the group’s initials and is instantly comparable to the Monkees’ “(Theme From) The Monkees,” which commenced their pre-fab debut LP. “Frustration,” “Hard to Love You,” and “All I Want to Do” are among the standout rockers with a notably edgier sting and sonic punch. This is stylistically augmented by the equally moving balladry of “Here’s a Heart” and the emotive midtempo “Something I Gotta Tell You.” [Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich’s legacy is only partially represented by their albums, however. Enthusiasts of the band should take note of the fact that this album was reissued in 2003 as First Album, which supplements the original tune stack with no less than a dozen bonus tracks — consisting mostly of 45-only sides, edits, and alternate mixes. Many of these bonus tracks likewise paved the way for the combo’s next record, If Music Be the Food of Love…Then Prepare for Indigestion (1967)

Ian Fredericj Stephen “Tich” Amey (guitar)
Dave Dee (vocals)
John “Beaky” Dymond (guitar)
Trevor Leonard “Dozy” Ward-Davies (bass)
Michael “Mick” Wilson (drums)

01. DD-BMT (Howard/Blakley) 1.27
02. We´ve Got A Good Thing Goin´ (Martin/Coher) 2.23
03. Here´s A Heart (Tubbs/Sogol) 3.14
04. Something I Gotta Tell You (Howard/Blakley) 2.35
05. All I Want To Do (Harman/Wilson/Davies/Amey/Dymond) 2.38
06. Frustration (Howard/Blakley) 2.33
07. Hold Tight (Howard/Blakley) 2.47
08. Hard To Love You (Howard/Blakley) 2.30
09. Nose For Trouble (Howard/Blakley) 4.03
10. No More Love (Howard/Blakley) 2.17
11. After Tonight (Howard/Blakley/Russo/Chelotti) 2.57
12. No Time (Howard/Blakley) 2.08
13. Double Agent (Roland) 3.02
14. Is It Love (Harman/Wilson/Davies/Amey/Dymond) 2.37
15. All I Want (single version) (Howard/Blakley) 2.35
16. It Seems A Pitty (Harman/Wilson/Davies/Amey/Dymond) 2.25
17. You Make It Move (single version) (Howard/Blakley) 2.44
18. I Can´t Stop (Howard/Blakley) 2.10
19. You Know What I Want (Howard/Blakley) 2.35
20. Hideaway (single version) (Howard/Blakley) 2.23
21. Bend It (single version) (Howard/Blakley) 2.31
22. She´s So Good (single version) (Harman/Wilson/Davies/Amey/Dymond) 2.24
23. Loos Of England (EP version) (Harman/Wilson/Davies/Amey/Dymond) 3.26
24. Over And Over Again (Howard/Blakley) 2.21
25. Bend It (US version) (Howard/Blakley) 2.31
26. She´s So Good (alternate version) (Harman/Wilson/Davies/Amey/Dymond) 2.21