Buddy Miles Regiment – Sneak Attack (1981)

FrontCover1.JPGSneak Attack is an album released in 1981 by the Buddy Miles Regiment, a band headed by American rock guitarist and drummer Buddy Miles. The album was released as an 11-track two-LP vinyl set, and includes tracks that were recorded live at the CIM prison facility in Chino, California. It was co-produced by Jim Paris and recorded and mastered at three different recording studios in Los Angeles, California, including the live show at Chino State Prison where Miles formed an all-inmate band while serving time there. (by wikipedia)

Even this album was released by a major label (Atlantic Records), it´s a more or less unknown album.

But you can hear the power of Buddy Miles … with great tunes like “Latin Rock Fusion” (the organ reminds me to the early Santana music).

And we here a reál strong horn section … and two cover versions:

“Sunshine Of Your Love” (yes, the Cream monster song – listen to the guitar solo !)” and “Dust In TheWind” (yes, the Kansas top hit !)

And if you like a fine mixture between Rock, Soul, Funk & Blues … than you have to listen to this exciting album ! And Dolly Durante did a real good job as the female lead singer.

And on the three live recordings we hear the great Sugarcane Harris on elecric violin !


J.P. Cevoni (guitar)
L.D. Dixon (keyboards)
Dolly Durante (vocals)
Bary McLaughlin (percussion)
Buddy Miles (drums, guitar, bass, vocals)
John Murray (keyboards)
Monty Lee Stark (vibraphone)
Wayne Bergoron (trumpet)
Lory Cole (trombone)

Brandon Fields (saxophone)
Richard Griffith (trumpet)
Jeff Jorgenson (saxophone)
Tobie Wynn (saxophone, tambourine)
Harry Bluestone – Mari Tsmura Botnick – Marshall  Sosson – Sheldon Sanov – Marvin Limonick – Endre Granat – Hack Shulman – Erno Neufeld
Gary Nuttycombe – David Schwartz – Alan Harshman – Linn Subotnick
Jesse Ehrlich – Armand Kproff
Anthony Ashby


Live at the CIM prison facility Chino, California (on 09. – 11.)
Alton Crook Harris (drums)
Don Sugarcane Harris (violin)
Jack Gill (guitar)
Buddy Miles (vocals, bass)
Gabe Osroscoe (voals)
L.B. Wisedal (guitar)


01. Latin Rock Fusion (Miles) 6.49
02. Can You Hold Me (Miles) 5.27
03. Sunshine Of Your Love (Bruce/Brown/Clapton) 5.36
04. I’ve Made My Mind Up (Miles) 7.32
05. Working Hard Every Day (Miles)10.27
06. Colossus (Miles) 4.54
07. Let’s Make It Together (Miles) 8.01
08. Jazz Fusion (Miles) 4.23
09. Hold Her Tight (Miles) 4.48
10. Dust In The Wind (Livgren) 5.36
11. For Your Precious Love (A.Brooks/Butler/R.Brooks) 7.47




George Allen “Buddy” Miles Jr. (September 5, 1947 – February 26, 2008)