Tony Williams All Stars – Live Under The Sky (1992)

FrontCover1In the spring of 1975, Williams put together a quartet he called The New Tony Williams Lifetime featuring bassist Tony Newton, pianist Alan Pasqua, and guitarist Allan Holdsworth.[3] This lineup recorded two albums for Columbia/CBS Records, Believe It in 1975 and Million Dollar Legs in 1976. These albums were reissued on one CD in 1992 as Lifetime: The Collection. After recording Million Dollar Legs, guitarist Allan Holdsworth departed and was replaced by Marlon Graves for the subsequent tour undertaken to support the album.

In 1977, Williams parted ways with Graves, Pasqua, and Newton and formed another TonyWilliamsLifetime lineup with entirely new personnel consisting of Mike Hoffmann (lead guitar), Gerry Mule (2nd guitar), Paul Potyen (keyboards), and Michael Formanek (bass). This lineup recorded demos for the Columbia label but had no official releases and played a small number of live gigs performing material from “Ego” and the two New Lifetime albums “Believe It” and “Million Dollar Legs.”

In July 1978 Williams toured Japan with Ronnie Montrose (guitar), Brian Auger (keyboards), Mario Cipollina (bass) and special guest Billy Cobham also on drums for a series of concerts. They were billed as the Tony Williams All Stars. Later that year he released The Joy of Flying, an eclectic solo album featuring a mix of styles and collaborations with Herbie Hancock, Cecil Taylor, Tom Scott, Stanley Clarke, Michael Brecker, George Benson, and Jan Hammer. It also contains “Open Fire” recorded by the All Stars earlier that year. (by wikipedia)

And this is a bootleg from this Japan tour in July 1978 released by the famous Oh Boy ! Label from Luxembourg in 1992.

Perfect fusion-jazz from this decade !

Recorded live at Den-en Coliseum, Tokyo, Japan, July 27, 1978

Brian Auger (keyboards)
Mario Cipollina (bass)
Ronnie Montrose (guitar)
Tony Williams (drums)
Billy Cobham (drums on 07.)

01. Red Alert (Newton) 6.29
02. Going Far (Hammer)
03. Wild Life (Williams) 11.11
04. There Comes A Time (Williams) 6.45
05. One Word (McLaughlin) 4.18
06. Drums Solo (Williams) 10.27
07. Drum Duet With Billy Cobham/Finale (unknown) 25.19


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