Mountain – Live At The Fillmore East (New York, NY) (1970)

FrontCover1.jpgMany years ago I got this pretty good and rare album by Mountain from another record collector from the USA.

He wrote me, that this is a Mountain gig, recorded live at the Fillmore East, New York in June 1970.

I´m not sure, if this information is correct … I guess this recording is a composite from various live recordings during 1970-71. Some of it definitely is from the closing night of the Fillmore East in June 1971. In 1970, they were not yet performing songs from the Nantucket Sleighride album (Nantucket Sleighride, Traveling in the Dark) as Mr. Leslie6042 wrote on youtube.

Anyway, we can hear Mountain at their peak … with rare live recordings from classic tracks like “For Yasgur’s Farm” and “Travelin’ In The Dark”.

Another highlight is of course and early version of their great “Nantucket Sleighride” and finally a fantastic version of the heavy jam of the incredible “Dreams Of Milk And Honey” … including a long and outstandig bass-solo by Felix Pappalardi.

It´s time to discover the very unique sound of Mountain … one of the greatest hard rock bands of all time … believe me !


Steve Knight (organ)
Corky Laing (drums)
Felix Pappalardi (bass, vocals)
Leslie West (guitar, vocals)


01. Bill Graham introduction + Silver Paper (Laing/Pappalardi/Collins/ Gardos/West/Knight) 8.17
02. Nantucket Sleighride (Pappalardi/Collins) 6.08
03. For Yasgur’s Farm (Laing/Rea/Pappalardi/Collins/Ship/Gardos) 4.16
04. Travelin’ In The Dark (Laing/Pappalardi/Collins) 5.06
05. Blood Of The Sun (West/Pappalardi/Collins) 3.19
06. Dreams Of Milk And Honey ((Pappalardi/Ventura/West/Landsberg)) + Mississippi Queen ((West/Laing/Pappalardi/Rea) 29.33



Mountain – The Ritz Theater, New York 17 September 1985 (2005)

FrontCover1Formed in 1969, Mountain became one of the highest grossing rock acts on the music scene between the years 1969 and 1972. In 1985, the band – consisting of Leslie West, Corky Laing and Mark Clarke

I’ve seen Mountain several times live, including during their peak with the late great Felix Pappalardi. This album magnificently captures the unbelievable raw intensity of Mountain live. I was transfixed and hypnotized by the savage, brutal interaction between Leslie West and Corky Laing. The bass player, Mark Clarke, is outstanding, with a fantastic voice reminiscent of Jack Bruce’s. Corky’s drumming is as powerful and dynamic as ever. Leslie’s voice sounds aggressive, yet perfectly controlled. His guitar playing is heavy and melodic, and sounds exactly as it did in Mountain’s heyday. The sound is intentionally distorted, as it SHOULD be…that’s exactly what Mountain sounds like live. I LOVED the intense, furocious sound. Crank this baby up and ENJOY! Highly recommended! (by By William Rosenfeld)


This is the complete show … with all songs, that are not included on this “Offical Bootleg”. So, this is the complete show.


Mark Clarke (bass, vocals)
Corky Laing (drums)
LeslieWest (guitar, vocals)


01. Intro 0.54
02. Never In My Life (Laing/Pappalardi/Collins/West) 2.38
03. Why Dontcha (West/Bruce/Laing) 4.20
04. Banter 0.46
05. Hard Times (West(Laing/Prager) 7.31
06. Banter 0.58
07. Theme For An Imaginary Western (Bruce/Brown) 6.17
08. Spark (West/Laing) 6.23
09 Nantucket Sleigh Ride (Pappalardi/Collins)
10. Instrumental (including “Layla, “Crossraods”, “Rolling & Tumblin`”)  (West) 8.00
11. Mississippi Queen (West/Laing/Pappalardi/Rea) 0.47
12. Announcer 1.13
13. Rocky Mountain Way (Walsh) 3.29
14 Rock And Roll Music (Berry) 3.34
15 Announcer 1.07



Mountain 1985


Mountain – Twin Peaks (1974)

FrontCover1“Twin Peaks”is a live album by hard rock band Mountain. Their first release following their 1972 breakup and subsequent reformation, the lineup consisted of original member Leslie West and Felix Pappalardi joined by guitarist/keyboardist Bob Mann and drummer Allan Schwartzberg. The revamped Mountain toured Japan, from which the album’s material is culled. The original release was a double album consisting of a whole second disk (31 minute, 49 second, both sides) LP version of “Nantucket Sleighride”, the first one holding all other tracks.

Recorded in Osaka, Japan, in 1973, Twin Peaks was Mountain’s second consecutive live album (with The Best of Mountain compilation between them), albeit featuring the re-formed, somewhat reconfigured version of the group, consisting of Leslie West (guitar, vocals), Felix Pappalardi (bass, vocals), Bob Mann (guitar, keyboards), and Allan Schwartzberg (drums). It overlaps with its predecessor, Mountain Live (The Road Goes Ever On) on only two cuts, “Crossroader” and “Nantucket Sleighride,” and the latter is stretched out even further here than it was on the earlier album, to 32 minutes. The content ends up showing off the best and the worst attributes of Mountain — the best being such staples as “Theme from an Imaginary Western,” “Mississippi Queen,” “Never in My Life,” and “Roll Over Beethoven”.


Nantucket Sleighride: over half-an-hour, was precisely what audiences of the period were paying to see and hear, and captures the band’s music in all of its excessive glory. Additionally, “Nantucket Sleighride” doesn’t seem that long in the actual listening, mostly because it’s difficult not to be impressed with the playing, especially the guitar dialogue between West and Mann.

I guess the audience was stunnend after this jamming Sleighride … including a fine bass-solo by Felix Pappalardi.


Bob Mann (guitar, organ)
Felix Pappalardi (bass, vocals, piano)
Allan Schwartzberg (drums)
Leslie West (guitar, vocals)


01. Never In My Life (West/Pappalardi/Collins/Laing) 4.16
02. Theme For An Imaginary Western (Bruce/Brown) 5.01
03. Blood Of The Sun (West/Pappalardi/Collins) 3.04
04. Guitar Solo (West) 5.41
05. Nantucket Sleighride (Pappalardi/Collins) 31.49
06. Crossroader (Pappalardi/Collins) 5.56
07. Mississippi Queen (West/Laing/Pappalardi/Rea) 4.17
08. Silver Paper (West/Pappalardi/Collins/Gardos/Knight/Laing) 6.15
09. Roll Over Beethoven (Berry) 2.24




Mountain – Live – For Yasgur´s Farm (1970)

FrontCover1Mountain is an American rock band that formed in Long Island, New York in 1969.[1] Originally comprising vocalist and guitarist Leslie West, bassist/vocalist Felix Pappalardi, keyboardist Steve Knight and drummer N. D. Smart, the band broke up in 1972 and has reunited frequently since 1973, remaining active today.[2] Best known for their cowbell-tinged song “Mississippi Queen”, as well as for their performance at the famous Woodstock Festival in 1969, Mountain is one of many bands to be commonly credited as having influenced the development of heavy metal music in the 1970s.

LeslieWestIn early 1969 Leslie West, formerly of the Long Island R&B band The Vagrants, put together a band, Leslie West Mountain (a reference to his then-large size), with Norman Landsberg (keyboards, bass) and Ken Janick (drums) and began playing concerts. Right around this time, former Cream collaborator Felix Pappalardi expressed an interest in producing West’s work] West, previously disgruntled and unsatisfied with the lack of success he desired in his first project, found Cream to be a great inspiration. He began to feel disillusioned with the R&B and Blues scenes of the 1960s that he previously played in. West immediately dropped the style and envisioned a project that would take on a rawer and much harder style of Rock N’ Roll which he had begun to favor. The resulting solo album by Leslie West, Mountain, featured Pappalardi, Landsberg and former Remains drummer N.D. Smart. The album spotlighted West’s raw vocals and melodic, bluesy guitar style, and Pappalardi’s bass lines were prominent throughout. According to West, when Pappalardi asked what would be next, West suggested the pair go on the road. The group was heavily influenced by seminal British blues-rock band Cream (with which Pappalardi had been a frequent collaborator: he produced Disraeli Gears, Goodbye and Wheels of Fire, also contributing viola, brass, bells and organ to the latter) and also comprised keyboardist Steve Knight, who was added after Landsberg left to form another group, Hammer, with Janick.

AtWoodstockNaming themselves Mountain after West’s album, West, Pappalardi, Smart and Knight played shows on the West Coast before getting to play their fourth concert as a working band at the 1969 Woodstock Festival in Bethel, New York. Mountain was received enthusiastically by the festival audience but the band did not appear in the film of the event, nor was their performance included on volume 1 of the festival’s live album. Their performances of “Blood of the Sun” (from West’s album) and “Theme for an Imaginary Western” (a song they planned to record for Climbing and co-written by former Cream bassist Jack Bruce) did appear on the second volume of Woodstock performances. The 40th Anniversary Edition of Woodstock on DVD and Blu-ray features filmed performances of Beside The Sea and Southbound Train.

Soon after Woodstock, Smart was replaced by Canadian Laurence “Corky” Laing, who was the drummer on the classic Climbing!, which was released in March 1970. It led off with what became the band’s signature song, “Mississippi Queen”, which reached #21 in the Billboard Hot 100, and was featured in the 1971 cult film Vanishing Point, while the album reached #17 in the Billboard Top 200. (by wikipedia)


After the release of “Climbing” Mountain did a tour to promote this album. So listen to the early days of Mountain with this very unique sound (this is a bootleg, but a very good one !) … one year later they relased their masterpiece: Nantucket Sleighride !

So it´s time to remember to one of most excitings heavy bands ever !

Steve Knight (organ)
Corky Laing (drums)
Felix Pappalardi (bass, vocals)
Leslie West (guitar, vocals)

01. Blood Of The Sun (Pappalardi/Collins/West) 3.13
02. Silver Paper (Laing/Pappalardi/Collins/Gardos/West/Knight) 5.49
03. Long Red (Pappalardi/Ventura/West/Landsberg) 5.43
04. Theme For An Imaginary Western (Bruce/Brown)
05. Dreams Of Milk & Honey (West/Pappalardi/Ventura/Landsberg) 6.57
06. Stormy Monday (Walker) 11.37
07. Mississippi Queen (Laing/Rea/Pappalardi/West) 5.12
08. For Yasgur´s Farm (Laing/Rea/Pappalardi/Collins/Ship/Gardos) 4.06
09. Never In My Life (Laing/ Pappalardi/Collins/West)
10. Unknown Blues (unknown) 5.55