Mr. Albert Show – Same (1970)

FrontCover1The rock group Mr Albert Show from Eindhoven Holland, was formed in 1969 by Bertus Borgers (saxophone, flute and vocals), Roeland Boogaart (on drums), Tom Fautubun (on bass guitar), Eric Lintermans (guitar), and Bonki Bongaerts (organ). The band was named after a roadie.

In 1970 their first single, Wild Sensation/King of Galaxy was released. The vocals on this track are by Floortje Klomp. The sound of this album is a sort of jazzy progressive music with the focus on the saxophone and the organ. This is a pretty cool LP, and would appeal to anyone into the late 60s early 70s psych/progressive thing.

First album (1970) of underrated Dutch band. A powerful collection of freaky, powerful progressive rock tracks with psychedelic leanings, dominated by composer, vocalist flute and sax player Bertus Borgers. Their music style was quite original and reminds sometimes to early Colosseum with frenetic sax and fuzz guitar riffing; also good use of organ and electric piano. A well done album which should have a wider audience.

Holland have other bands of great interest and muscial dexterity than just Focus, Earth & Fire, and Golden Earring to mention some of the more well known bands from there. After having read about this band; MR. ALBERT SHOW in a book I wanted to give them a listen. So, this band emerged out of two other bands, and indeed this was a fortunate companionship. This album has such good music, full of sax, organ and guitar riffing all the way with very memorable melodies. Its a loose groove of jazzy rock mixed with more late 60’s musical tendencies and feelings. The vocals are handled by either a female vocalist, a male vocalist or more often just a blend of voices.

This album seems to be sadly unknown which is sad since this music is so joyous and full of good vibes. Off the 9 tracks, 2 are over 5 minutes, but they all have a very high standard throughout the entire album. MR. ALBERT SHOW has been compared to the English band Colosseum, and I also hear resemblances to bands like Affinity (UK), the charming early 70’s rock of Gravy Train or the spacey sound of italian/german band ANALOGY.

Singles“Act of Love” is the opening track starting of with a slightly bluesy melody but soon taking off in a jazzrock direction with loose psychedelic overtones in the laidback vocal and melodical arrangement. The vocals are as I mentioned done in harmonies, or maybe “collectively” is a better word. Either way it sounds very warm and above all: unpretentious. The songs never become obvious or so but instead often puts in nice addictive melodious breaks and themes or harmonica solos and so on. Bertus Bogers (saxophone and vocals) were one of the main writers in this band.”Don’t worry” is a short song clocking in at 2:37 but still one of my true favorites, party because the singer Inez’ fantastic bluesy vocal style. And indeed the musical hooks are just unbeatable, this is early 70’s loose progressive rock in the best style. “White bear skin coat” is another quick song with some humorous lyrics and indeed catchy rhythms and beats impossible to dislike. It might start of with some three chord moves with fast rhythm pattern but indeed adds some usual delightful musical twist and turns. “Wild sensation” was released as a single back then and is another true highlight. “There’s a sad song in the air” is the longest track on the album with its 7:14. And indeed it has some long solos and jams and I am not a big fan of these kind of pointless meandering songs but in this case I really do like the solos and can safely say that this track is another important highlight here.

Mr. Albert Show was one of the finest Dutch Progrock bands … More Mr. Albert Show ill come in the next weeks … It´s time to discover them !

Broer Bogaart (drums, percussion)
Bonkie Bongaerts (organ)
Bertus Borgers (saxophone, vocals)
Tom Fautubun (bass)
Floortje Klomp (vocals)
Eric Lintermans (guitar)

01. Act Of Love (Borgers/McCough) 5.30
02. Kings Of Galaxy (Borgers/Schrama) 4.08
03. King Horse (Borgers) 3.20
04. Don’t Worry (Borgers) 2.37
05. White Bear Skin Coat (Borgers) 2.27
06. Wild Sensation (Borgers) 3.10
07. There’s A Sad Song In The Air (Borgers/Schrama) 7.15
08. White (van der Heyden/Borgers/Lintermans) 4.24
09. Revolver (Borgers) 4.31