My Ship – Morning Song (1972)

FrontCover1This is a very rare danish progressive Folk-Rock Album. Gatefoldsleeve.

Another one-off, My Ship’s only LP is a mild and mellow progressive album with a sometimes striking similarity to Germany’s Abacus, with a clear orientation towards American music from the same period. Easy flowing melodies (all from the pen of Bent Sten) and extended arrangements make for a pleasant album, without any sharp corners or bends. Probably this is what many call “rural rock”. Nice but a bit lightweight. (by Marcel Koopman)


Fine pastoral progressive LP with many similarities to Cressida in the way that the music crosses effortlessly from rock passages into quasi classical themes and back again, the Myggenpiano and clavinet parts being particularly reminiscent of the Scots masters, as are the tasty outbursts of fuzz guitar here and there (one of their strongest trademarks) – the guitar break that closes ‘Hear Them Now’ is very Cressida as is the side two opener ‘Plastic’ which could almost be one of their lost out-takes – and as for the piano solo on ‘Moose Rag’, complete with superb backing from the bass guitar and drums, it sounds like the true spirit of Cressida is at work here – some excellent Tull-ish flute also deserves a mention – a really unusual album – comparable to, say, Gravy Train, but way WAY better. (by cdlp)

Bent Sten Myggen lives today as a composer and musician in Los Olivos, California.

Jens Elböl (bass)
Bent Sten Myggen (vocals, keyboards, guitar, flute)
Michael Puggard-Müller (drums)
Oliver Strauss (vocals, guitar)

Bent Sten Myggen in the studio

01. Morning Song 3.45
02. Merian 7.21
03. Leaving 4.29
04. Hear Them Now 8.14
05. Plastic6.50
06. Disco 4.32
07. Moose Rag 6.49
08. Last Song 3.17

All songs written by Bent Sten Myggen