Ali Neander – Feat. Helmut Hattler (2010)

FrontCover1German guitar hero Ali Neander was born on July 2nd, 1958 in Hamburg/Germany. He is a highly respected musician both as a session player and leader / composer. This is a good debut solo jazz-rock album from Ali, a founding member of Frankfurt’s Rodgau Monotones. The album explores multiple contexts and situations without focusing on any central theme. His musical “culture-mix” combines jazz, rock, fusion, latin, electronica and Krautrock with well crafted and some beautiful quiet musical passages. The music is inventive, and there are some great ’70’s style jazz rock grooves throughout. Ali is backed by Hellmut Hattler (ex-Kraan/ Tab Two), Paul McCandless (Oregon), and Moritz Müller. Listen to Kraan’s “Andy Nogger” album featuring Hellmut Hattler, and see if you can find Flaming Row’s “Elinoire” album which features Ali Neander, Billy Sherwood, and Jimmy Keegan.AliNeander

Taken from the original liner notes:

Hi everybody, welcome to my “labour of love”. When I first thought about recording a solo cd after playing on 50+ records of various styles for other people I asked myself: What am I gonna do? Invite famous singers and noodle behind them or what? Well, I thought about the musicians who made me become a professional in the first place, the guys that made you want to play better, period, and so this CD is a tribute to the first generation of jazz rock pioneers of the early seventies, a group of artists who have probably influenced more musicians all over the world than anybody else. In these early days the combination of jazz and rock was not a given thing. It was a hot liason, not a marriage, and I can still recall the feeling of wild euphoria that could be felt at the concerts of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return To MarshallForever or Weather Report a.o. You can’t compare that to some of the fusion-nerdness of later years that made you leave your girlfriend at home to avoid trouble.

But no retro nostalgia here.I tried to put these early influences in perspective and combine them with newer elements. I am particulary proud about the contributions of my fellow musicians, german bass legend Hellmut Hattler, Paul McCandless of Oregon, one of my heroes for a long time, hot new drum talent Moritz Müller and the other guests, Ingo Bischof, Ollie Rubow and Frowin Ickler. So sit back and enjoy something that you might call “NUJaZZroCK” if you want. (Ali Neander)

In other words: A brilliant album !


Hellmut Hattler (bass)
Paul McCandless (oboe, saxophone)
Ali Neander (guitar, keyboards, programming)
Moritz Müller (drums)
Ingo Bischof (keyboards on 04. + 06.)
Frowin Ickler (bass on 14.)
Ollie Rubow (drums on 13.)

HattlerHelmut Hattler

01. Seventh Sense – Neander 4:44
2 Lassie Gone Bad – Neander, Hattler 4:37
3 Lobanda Walz – Neander 5:08
4 Sweet Confusion – Neander 5:02
5 Flies Neander – 1:40
6 Return Of The Folkhair Rebel – Neander 4:24
7 Spread Your Left Wing – Neander 5:52
8 Celestial Terestrial Commuters – John McLaughlin 3:54
9 Winterlude – Neander, McCandless 1:51
10 The Interior – Neander 4:19
11 Valley View 35 – Neander, Hattler 5:02
12 Fejoada – Neander, Hattler 4:43
13 Positively No Stairway To Heaven – Neander, Hattler 5:41
14 Last Train Home – Neander 5:19