Various Artists – The Event Horizon (1996)

FrontCover1This is a label compilation including an unreleased Lights in a Fat City track and several other didge oriented pieces including Rocking Horse People’s version of the Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows. Stephen Kent appears on a total of 5 of the 8 tracks.

This CD is a collection of works by various artists who record with City of Tribes Records. Stephen Kent is a common denominator in many of the tracks, and therefore didjeridu features quite strongly. If you are interested in a sampling of the mostly newage type of music sold under the City of Tribes label, this may be a good buy. If you are interested in very non-traditional use of the didjeridu in a trance/newage style, then you may well be doing better to go to source and buy albums by Stephen Kent, or one of the slew of bands to which he has contributed, namely Lights in a Fat City, Rocking Horse People, Trance Mission and Beasts of Paradise. (by Sean Borman)

01. Lights In A Fat City: Back In The Mind (Kent/Sayer/Tassano) 3.30
02. Rocking Horse People: Tomorrow Never Knows (Lennon/McCartney) 8.01
03. Kenneth Newby: For A Pavilion Of Wind & Cloud – Atalanta (Newby) 10.45
04. APB: Candle (Clemens/Ihmhoff/Stahl) 5.46
05. Trance Mission:  Vee Dee Vu (Kent/Sayer/Tassano) 4.21
06. Beasts Of Paradise: Limehouse Chambers (Imhoff/McQuesten/TRimble/DiStefano/Calvello) 5.31
07. Stephen Kent: Ayeo (Kent/Maxym) 7.10
08. Barbara Imhoff: Bela (Imhoff/Kent/Stahl/Clemens/Whitehead) 4.29