Various Artists – One Fine Day (OST) (1996)

FrontCover1One Fine Day is a 1996 American romantic comedy film directed by Michael Hoffman, starring Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney as two single working parents, with Alex D. Linz and Mae Whitman as their children. The title comes from the 1963 song “One Fine Day” by The Chiffons, which is heard in the film.

Michelle Pfeiffer served as an executive producer on the film, which was made in association with her company Via Rosa Productions.

The film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song (“For the First Time”).

Melanie Parker is an architect and divorced mother to her son, Sammy. Her day gets off to a bad start when she is late to drop him off at school, due to the forgetfulness of fellow divorced father Jack Taylor, a New York Daily News reporter whose daughter, Maggie, is thrust into his care that morning by his former wife who leaves to go on her honeymoon with her new husband. The children arrive just a moment too late to go on a school field trip (a Circle Line boat cruise). Their parents are forced to accept that, on top of hectically busy schedules, they must work together that day to supervise each other’s child. In their confusion of sharing a taxi, they accidentally switch cell phones, causing each of them, all morning, to receive calls intended for the other one, which they then have to relay to the right person.


Melanie must make an architectural design presentation to an important client. Jack has to find a source for a scoop on the New York mayor’s mob connections. Sammy causes havoc at Melanie’s office with toy cars, causing her to trip and break her scale model display. In frustration, she takes him to a day care center (which is having a “Superhero Day”), where she coincidentally comes across Jack trying to convince Maggie to stay and behave herself. They create impromptu costumes for the children, using his imagination and her resourcefulness. She takes her model to a shop to get it quickly repaired. Having left for a meeting, she panics when she receives a phone call from Sammy about another child having a psychedelic drug. She phones Jack in desperation and asks him to pick up the children. He agrees, on the condition that she take over their care at 3:15 while he chases down a potential news source.


While in Melanie’s care, Maggie goes missing from a store, and wanders some distance down a crowded midtown sidewalk. Melanie breaks down in despair at the police station, files a missing child report, and then goes to a mayoral press conference to find Jack. He is notified by the police that Maggie has been found, and makes it to the press conference just barely in time to confront the mayor with his scoop about corruption. He had earlier tracked down its source, just as she was leaving a beauty salon in a limousine. Although they have been antagonistic, Melanie and Jack work together to get the children, by taxi, to a soccer game. She insists that she will have time first to do her presentation to the new clients, despite him protesting that it will make them late for the game. She begins her pitch over drinks at the 21 Club lounge, but upon seeing Sammy in high spirits, she realizes that she cares more about him than her job. Bravely insisting that she must leave immediately to be with him, she fully expects to be fired, yet the clients are impressed.


At the game, Melanie meets her former husband, Eddie, who is a musician and who admits that he lied to Sammy about taking him fishing in the summer and that he will be going on tour as a drummer with Bruce Springsteen instead. That evening, Jack wants a reason to visit Melanie’s apartment, so he takes Maggie to buy goldfish to replace the ones that were eaten earlier in the day by a cat. At Melanie’s apartment, the children watch The Wizard of Oz while she and Jack share a first kiss. She goes to the bathroom to freshen up; when she returns, an exhausted Jack is asleep on the sofa. She joins him and they fall asleep together, with the children happily observing.


And here´s the soundtrack from the movie:

The featured song ‘For the First Time’, written by James Newton Howard, Jud Friedman and Allan Dennis Rich, was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song, the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song, and the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for a Motion Picture or Television.

The album peaked at # 57 on The Billboard 200 in 1997. (wikipedia)

A nice and perfect soundtrack for this romantic comedy film.


01.  Natalie Merchant: One Fine Day (King/Goffin) 2.44
02. The Ad Libs: 
The Boy From New York City (Davis/Taylor) 3.01
03. Kenny Loggins: For The First Time (Newton/Friedman/Rich) 4.29
04. The Shirelles: Mama Said (Dixon/Denson) 2.09
05. Shawn Colvin: Someone Like You (Morrison) 4.11
06. Tina Arena: Love’s Funny That Way (Arena/McTaggart/Tyson) 4.36
07. Van Morrison: Have I Told You Lately (Morrison) 4.20
08. Keb’ Mo’: The Glory Of Love (Hill) 2.58
09. Tony Bennett: What A Difference A Day Made (Grever/Adams) 2.28
10. Ella Fitzgerald: Isn’t It Romantic? (Rodgers/Hart) 3.02
11. Harry Connick Jr.: This Guy’s In Love With You (Bacharach/David) 3.47
12. Keb’ Mo’: Just like You (Moore/Parker) 3.28
13. The Chiffons: 
One Fine Day (King/Goffin) 2.10
14. James Newton Howard: Suite From One Fine Day (Howard) 8.54