Ryan Paris – Dolce Vita (Special Maxi Version) (1983)

FrontCover1Ryan Paris (born Fabio Roscioli, March 12, 1953[2]) is an Italian musician and actor who gained international popularity in 1983 for the worldwide hit single “Dolce Vita”, written and produced by Pierluigi Giombini.

“Dolce Vita” was released in the United Kingdom on the Carrere Records label, distributed by RCA and spent ten weeks in the UK Singles Chart, peaking at Number 5.

Paris continued to release records in the mid-1980s and 1990s, but was not able to emulate the success of his first hit. In 2010, he made a comeback with a new song, “I Wanna Love You Once Again”, which he wrote and composed. The song became popular with 1980s music fans.[citation needed] At the end of that year, Paris co-produced a remix of “Dolce Vita” which peaked at number 54 in the official French club chart.

In 2013, the new song “Sensation of Love”, again composed and produced by Paris, but with a Bulgarian singer, peaked at number 15 in the official Bulgarian CD chart. In March 2014, the 1980s version of the song, co-produced by Paris and sung by Paris in duet with Valerie Flor, was ranked number one on more than 60 Italo disco radio stations around the world (by wikipedia)

Okay … this is DISCO MUSIC … Attention please … Really not my kind of music … but as you maybe know … “Many Fantastic Colors” means, that I will present very different styles of music … and so … here´s my first entry with this kind of music … The Eighties … you know …

Ryan Paris

Ryan Paris (vocals)
a bunch of unknown studio musicians


Please find the difference between the front and back cover !

01. Dolce Vita (vocal version) (Giombini/Mazzolini) 7.30
02. Dolce Vita (instrumental version) (Giombini/Mazzolini) 8.50



Thanks a lot to greygoose for this funny gag !