Machu Picchu (of the Andes) – Magic Power (2003)

FrontCover1In this compilation we would like to emphazise the fusion of our traditonal instruments like Sikus, Quenas, Mozenos Tinyas, Chakchas, Charangos etc. with modern instruments such as violins, saxophones, guitars and keyboards achieving new shades of music this way as well as honouring and feeling what the musicians try to express who interpret each of the songs with their instruments.

This musical compilation is the product of the artistic experience obtained by every single musician who spreads Latin-American-Andean music in the streets, at festivals and in concerts in different places all over the world.

We dedicate this new music project expressed in beatiful songs to the people of Slovenia, as they have offered us their friendship appreciation and applause, which we carry in our hearts as a beautiful unforgettable memory. We have captured by their marvellous landscapes with Alps, rivers, lakes, woods, immense caverns, sea, and extraordinary people. Those who don´t know Slovenia habe to discover it. Let´s go to Slovenia (taken from the original liner-notes9:

And we should discover this nice little piece of music, too !

Machu Picchu – Pepe Cenas Sanchez – Sandro Cenas Sanchez – Bor Zuljan (guitar)
Peru Manta

01. Fuerza Magica (Seneville) 4.16
02. Love Mountain (de la Torre) 4.29
03. Sikus Sound (Traditional) 3.20
04. Sunquyman (Traditional) 6.07
05. Maria (Rubaja) 3.42
06. The Hill Of Seven Colours (Rubaja) 4.05
07. West Story 5.02
– Le pistole non discutono (Morricone)
– Ballata di alamo (Tiomkin/Black)
– La conquista del west (Newman/Dardaby)
08. Children Of The World (Rodriguez) 5.27
09. Geronimo Laughter (Holm/Schultze) 4.36
10. Balla coj lupi: The Buffalo Hunt/The John Dumbar Theme (Barry) 5.15
11. Americana (Rubaja/Ramos) 3.32
12. Dream Catcher (Holm/Schultze) 4.25
13. Cancion para Paquita (Traditional) 3.31
14. Many Things (Traditional) 3.05
15. Aicha (Khaled) 4.01

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