Dave Pike – On A Gentle Note (1978)

FrontCover1Dave Pike is a class act, unafraid to try any style, at least for an album, and usually succeeding wildly at it. His earliest LPs and session work are classics and mostly hard to find. Then as he “freaked out” in the late 1960s and early 1970s, he laid down some monster cuts of psychedelic soul jazz, James Brown covers, funky-sitar beats, and more that still enjoy new favor in the nightclubs of the subsequent century. There are not that many soul-jazz and funk vibraphonists of great note, but Dave Pike is the first name in hip vibe records.

Born in 1938 Detroit, he first played piano and drums, even joining the Detroit Junior Symphony Orchestra at age eleven. Having moved to Los Angeles, Pike in 1954 discovered the vibraphone at a drum shop. This became his chief instrument, seconded by the marimba, which he played early on with Mexican bands and later on his albums. He played rock and Latin in his early days, and later this experience lent his music great versatility as well as popular appeal. Playing always with great earnestness, humor, and even earthiness, he can be heard chanting along with the tunes on several LPs.

Pike began to gig with such jazz stars as Elmo Hope, Buddy DeFranco, and Paul Bley by 1956. By 1958 Pike had moved to San Francisco to be closer to New York musicians, and in 1960 he made the move to New York. Siz years of stints with globetrotting Herbie Mann exposed him to some of the world’s farther-flung music. In 1966 he moved to Germany, where the newly formed Dave Pike Set quickly became the leading jazz act. Pike’s usually thematic albums are recognized as seminal jazz and soul-jazz classics, and at least one cut has reached immortal status among disc jockeys.


He returned to the United States in the mid 1970s and talked the owner of Hungry Joe’s, a tiny Huntington Beach hangout for bikers and surfers, to let him play there. With pianist Tom Ranier, guitarist Ron Eschete and bassist Luther Hughes, Pike and his group became regulars and turned the establishment into a lively jazz club.

And here´s one of his unique solo-albums … Another brilliant trip with his band and his vibraphone.

Noted jazz historian Leonard Feather wrote in 1973 that Pike played the amplified vibraphone with “ingenuity, dynamism and improvisational energy,” extracting from it “a resonance on top of resonance, to which at certain points he adds a grating but sometimes attractive fuzz tone.”


Alternate frontcovers

Ron Eschete (guitar)
Ted Hawke (drums, percussion)
Luther Hughes (bass)
Rudolph Johnson (saxophone)
Dave Pike (vibraphone)
Tom Ranier (piano, saxophone)


01. Lazy Afternoon (Moross/Latouche) 9.30
02. Gigi (Lerner/Loewe) 2.58
03. Regards From Freddie Horowitz (Pike) 8.00
04. Secret Mystery Of Hensch (Pike/Kriegel) 9.30
05. Everytime We Say Goodbye (Porter) 2.22
06. Scrapple From The Apple (Parker) 5:23
07. Visions Of Spain (Pike) 1.58




David Samuel Pike (March 23, 1938 – October 3, 2015)



Dave Pike – Manhattan Latin (1964)

frontcover1Manhattan Latin (subtitled The Sensuous Rhythms of Spanish Harlem) is an album by American jazz vibraphonist Dave Pike which was recorded in 1964 for the Decca label. The album is among Chick Corea’s earliest recordings. (by wikipedia)

Manhattan Latin captures Dave Pike in flux between the straight-ahead approach of his earlier sessions and the psychedelic pop-jazz of his efforts for MPS: a playful yet methodical immersion into pure, sunkissed groove, its artful assimilation of global rhythms and textures anticipates the direction of Pike’s most memorable work. Recorded with an impressive lineup including flautist Hubert Laws, drummer Willie Bobo and then-unknown pianist Chick Corea, the album largely eschews familiar Latin standards in favor of Pike originals. What’s impressive is that the end result seems completely organic, living up to the album’s title in terms of both sophistication and flavor. Phenomenal cover, too.(by Jason Ankeny)


Willie Bobo (drums)
Dave Burns (trumpet)
Ray Copeland (flugelhorn)
Dave Pike (vibraphone)
Carlos “Patato” Valdes (congas)
Chick Corea (piano on 01. – 03., 05., 07. + 10.)
Don Friedman (piano on 05., 06. 08. + 09.)
Joseph Grimaldi (flute on 05., 06., 08. + 09.)
Hubert Laws (saxophone on 02., 03. 06. + 07.)
Israel “Cachao” Lopez (bass on 01. – 03., 05., 07. + 10.)
Jack Six (bass on 04., 06., 08. + 09.)
Bobby Thomas (percussion on 02., 03., 05. + 07.)
Attila Zoller (guitar on 04., 06., 08. + 09.

01. Baby (Pike) 2.49
02. Que Mal Es Querer (Rodríguez) 3.18
03. Not A Tear (Stevenson) 4.01
04. Mambo Dinero (Pike) 2.39
05. Montuno Orita (Pike) 3.23
06. Aphrodite (Pike) 3.16
07. La Playa (Pike) 3.06
08. Latin Blues (Pike) 2.56
09. South Sea (Stevenson) 2.38
10. Sandunga (Pike) 2.41
11. Dream Garden (Pike) 3.25
12. Vikki (Pike) 5.26