Pinduca – Carimbó e Sirimbó (1973)

FrontCover1Do you know the dance Lambada ? Yes … and this is the story of this exciting dance:

Biography: Lambada is a fast, sensual Brazilian dance for couples or groups, typically performed with the stomachs touching. The dance became internationally popular in the 1980s. The exact origin of the dance is in Brazil and has forerunners such as the forró, sayas, the maxixe, and the carimbó. Aurino Quirino Gonçalves, or simply Pinduca (born: June 4th, 1937) is a Brazilian musician. He is a very well known singer at the north of Brazil (Amapá and Pará area), where it is strongly believed he is the true father of the Lambada music. Pinduca is a musician and composer of mainly Carimbó. He is the singer and composer of the “King of Carimbó” (as it is affectionately known) and he created rhythms, such as: Sirimbó, Lári-Lári, Lambada and Lamgode. The musician and composer of carimbó, Pinduca, launched in 1976, a song entitled Lambada (Sambão), track number 6 of the LP No embalo of carimbó and sirimbó vol. 5. It is the first recording of a song under the label of Lambada in the history of Brazilian popular music. Some support the version that the guitarist and composer Master Vieira, the inventor of the guitarrada, would also be the creator of the Lambada music. His first official disc, Lambada of Quebradas, was recorded in 1976 but officially launched two years later, in 1978. In the 1980s, the fusion between the metallic and electronic music from Caribbean brought again a new face to the Carimbó. (by profile engine)

And this is the exiting debut-album of Pinduca and his hot music. Enjoy the power of Brazilian music !

Pinduca (vocals, drums)
a bunch of unknown studio musicians

01. Sirimbó (Pinduca) 4.47
02. Menina, Menina (Pinduca) 4.03
03. Ariramba (Pinduca) 4.04
04. Dona Maria (Traditional) 6.21
05. O Caçador (Traditional) 3.58
06. Comanchera, Comanchera (Traditional) 5.06
07. Filha Do Lavrador (Pinduca) 3.40
08. Morena Eu Caio (Traditional) 3.16
09. Tucandeira (Pinduca) 3.55
10. Pot-Pourri De Carimbós: 6.01
10.1 Menina, Menina (Pinduca)
10.2 Tucandeira (Pinduca)
10.3 O Caçador (Traditional)
10.4 Ariramba (Pinduca)