Chorus Of Kalamata + Popular Orchestra – Bouzouki – Music From Greece (1968)

FrontCover1Taken from the original liner-notes:

“Whatever pure and noble feeling is found in the Greek people of today will be felt by every foreigner who spends an evening “Sta Bouzoukia” (any tavern with a Bouzouki Band). Listening to the sound of the bouzouki, he will fell all the bravery, the greatness and the pride of the Greek.

The bouzouki is today the genuine popular musical instrument of Greece. It is an instrument like the mandolin, but it has a longer neck.

It hast become to Greek popular music what the guitar is to Spain, the Balalaika to Russia, and the piano-accordeon to Paris.

The bouzouki expresses Greece in it´s true, unspoiled state.

The Chorus Of Kalamata, called the “Orpheus” choir was founded in 1957 in the town of Kalamata. It consists of 40 male members. The chorus has given performances all over Greece with tremendous sucess and has also performed twice in the International Fai in Thessaloniki as well as at the Choral Festival in Athens, where it won leading honours.”

And now it´s up to you: discover and enjoy this traditional music from Greece !

Chorus Of Kalamata (01 – 06.) conducted by G. Theofilopoulos
Popular Orchestra (07. – 12.) conducted by G. Theofilopoulos

01. Baxe Tsifliki (Tsitanis) 3.24
02. O Trambarifas (Souyoul) 2.57
03. Ta Kavourakia (The Little Crabs) (Tsitanis/Gouveris) 3.47
04. Aliti M’ipes Mia Vradia (One Night You Called Me A Tramp) (Hadjichristos) 3.09
05. Dio Portes Echi I Zoi (Life Has Two Sides) (Kazantsidis) 3.24
06. Ti Omorfi Pou Ise Otan Kles (How Beautiful You Are When You Cry) (Krisinis) 3.23
07. Sinefiasmeni Kiriaki (Cloudy Sunday) (Tsitanis/Gouveris) 3.27
08. To Minore Tis Avjis (Sweet Music Of Dawn) (Kaplanis) 4.48
09. To Jelekaki (The Waistcoat) (Hollandezos/Theodoridis) 2.52
10. Faliriotissa (A Girl From Phaleron) (Papaioannou) 3.44
11. I Amaxa Mes’ti Vrochi (A Carriage In The Rain) (Hadjichristos) 3.04
12. I Acharisti (The Ungrateful) (Tsitanis) 3.24