Pornosonic – Unreleased 70s Porn Music (1999)

lpfrontcover1Pornosonic is a project by Don Argott inspired by the style of music in adult films. Two albums have been released.

This album claim to be soundtracks from non-existent unreleased porn movies, but they are modern creations. Famous adult film actor Ron Jeremy was to hired by Mini Mace Pro Records to perform voice overs. (by wikipedia)

Especially in the wake of Boogie Nights, it’s common to think of the ’70s as the golden age of porn, before a more businesslike, crank-’em-out approach and lower-budget production techniques began to rob the films of some of their liveliness. It’s also possible to link the music used in their soundtracks to that general trend, since much ’80s and ’90s porn used cheap-sounding, repetitive vamps played by generic synth/guitar rock combos, which never quite augmented the films like the classic, sexy ’70s sound. That sound — wah-wah guitars sometimes spiced with organ or horn accents, and a backbeat that’s half funk, half hard rock — is all over Pornosonic: Unreleased 70s Porno Music, which purportedly contains soundtrack excerpts from mid-’70s porn flicks. However, there are a few too many knowing winks in producer/guitarist/composer Don Argott’s presentation to believe that — from the spoken introductions by highly recognizable porn veteran Ron Jeremy, which mimic the blindingly obvious innuendo of porn-film dialogue, to the way the song titles play off of the titles of their supposed “source films.”


Alternate frontcovers

But even if it isn’t genuine, Pornosonic accomplishes its mission quite well — so well, in fact, that the wink-wink-nudge-nudge dialogue snippets can actually break the mood created by some pretty sexy music. The irony is kind of fitting in a way, since porn rarely takes itself too seriously, but the slinky grooves are so effective at recreating their intended atmosphere that it isn’t really necessary. Quibbles aside, though, it’s a highly entertaining project. (by Steve Huey)

You don´t have to like porns from the Seventies … this is a pretty good Funk album … and it´s  a sort of a trash album …


Jarred Alterman (bass, piano (clavinova)
Don Argott (guitar)
Rob Giglio (drums)
Jo Hewitt (vocals)
Nick Kendall (percussion, violin)
Daniel Lee (trumpet)
Dan McKinney (organ)
Benjamin Shwartz (flute)
Mike Viggiani (guitar)
Nancy Falcow (vocals on 10.)
background vocals:
D. Mason Bendewald – Laura Shepherd
Ron Jeremy as Ron Jeremy


01. Dick Dagger’s Theme (from: Dick Dagger’s Big Dick Dilemma) (Argott) 3.10
02. Cramming For College (from: Cramming For College) (Argott) 2.53
03. Nice n’ Sleazy Does It (from If It Ain’t Easy It Ain’t Sleazy) (Argott) 3.25
04. Spiderpussy (from Spiderpussy) (Argott) 2.40
05. Special Delivery (from A Happy Ass) (Argott) 2.40
06. Sex Starved Secretaries (from Takin’ Dictation) (Viggiani/Argott) 3.52
07. Prepare For Take Off (from: Mile High Club) (Argott) 2.50
08. Her Magic Carpet (from: Donna Does DeNise) (Argott) 3.19
09. Laying Pipe (from Plumber’s DeLight) (Argott) 2.23
10. Spiderpussy (Slight Return) (from Spiderpussy 2: Caught in the Web) (Argott) 4.59




US porn Star Ron Jeremy in action during the Seventies