Bedlam – Same (1972)

FrontCover1Drummer Cozy Powell, born Colin Flooks on December 29, 1947 in Cirencester, Gloucestershire was a member of Black Sabbath, Rainbow, M.S.G. and Emerson, Lake & Powell.

Cozy started playing drums in the school orchestra before joining his first band called the Corals with whom he played each week at the Youth Club in Cirencester. The nickname ‘Cozy’ derived from the jazz drummer Cozy Cole.

Next Cozy went round the circuit with the pop band, The Sorcerers. During this time, Cozy left school to work in an office in order to finance the purchase of his first set of drums. The Sorcerers performed in the German club scene of the 1960s.

BedlamBy 1968 the band had returned to England, more specifically, Birmingham and this is where Cozy became friends with musicians like Robert Plant, John Bonham, Noddy Holder, Dave Pegg and Tony Iommi. The Sorcerers changed their name to Youngblood released a series of singles in late 1968-69. The group then linked up with The Move bassist/singer Ace Kefford, to form The Ace Kefford Stand. Cozy with fellow Sorcerers Dave and Dennis Ball, formed Big Bertha.

In 1970, Cozy drummed with guitar icon Jeff Beck’s group, but after the recording of two albums, ‘Rough and Ready’ (1971) and ‘Jeff Beck Group‘ (1972), the band dispersed.

In late 1972, Cozy joined up with the Ball brothers again, and with singer Frank Aiello to form Bedlam. One eponymous album was produced for Chrysalis Records and released in 1973. Beck’s studio producer had been Mickie Most and Cozy often found himself drafted in to work with artists signed to Most’s RAK label, including Julie Felix, Hot Chocolate, Donovan and Suzi Quatro.

During this time, Cozy recorded an instrumental solo single, ‘Dance With the Devil’ which reached number three in the UK singles chart during January 1974. A few months later, Cozy Powell’s Hammer was formed. (ny Birmingham music archive)

Fantastic hard rock / blues album from a band that had everything Zeppelin had with the exception of the lucky breaks. Featuring Cozy Powell on drums, this band kicked up a storm – check out opener ‘I Believe In You’ or ‘The Beast’…that’s a hell of a band in there! (by orexis of death)

Frank Aiello (vocals)
Dave Ball (guitar)
Dennis Ball (bass)
Cozy Powell (drums)
Max Middelton (keyboards on 04.)
Felix Pappalardi (keyboards)


01. Believe In You (Ball/Powell/Ball/Aiello/Collins) 4.01
02. Hot Lips (Ball/Powell/Ball/Aiello) 4.36
03. Sarah (Ball/Powell/Ball/Aiello/Collins) 3.46
04. Sweet Sister Mary (Ball/Powell/Ball/Aiello/Hatchard) 2.51
05. Seven Long Years (Ball/Powell/Ball/Aiello) 3.46
06. The Beast (Ball/Powell/Ball/Aiello) 5.29
07. Whisky And Wine (Ball/Powell/Ball/Aiello) 2.33
08. Looking Through Love’s Eyes (Pappalardi/Collins) 2.57
09. Putting On The Flesh (Ball/Powell/Ball/Aiello) 3.54
10. Set Me Free (Ball/Powell/Ball/Aiello/Collins) 4.21



Cozy Powell – Alive In Studio (1979)

OriginalFrontCover1Colin Flooks (29 December 1947 – 5 April 1998), better known as Cozy Powell, was an English rock drummer, who made his name with many major rock bands like The Jeff Beck Group, Rainbow, Whitesnake and Black Sabbath.

Cozy Powell was born in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England, and started playing drums at age 12 in the school orchestra, thereafter playing along in his spare time to popular singles of the day. The first band he was in, called the Corals, played each week at the youth club in Cirencester. At age 15 he had already worked out an impressive drum solo. The stage name ‘Cozy’ was borrowed from the jazz drummer Cozy Cole. (by wikipedia)

In 1979 he recorded his first solo-album called “Over The Top” and it featured many well-known musicians playing alongside him. Here are some rare and brilliant outtakes from the “Over The Top” studio sessions including some fine Cream cover versions.

The sound quality is excellent !

Don Airey (keyboards)
Jack Bruce (bass, vocals)
Clem Clempson (guitar)
Cozy Powell (drums)
Max Middelton (keyboards on CD 1, track 02. + 07.)


CD 1:
01. Killer (Airey) 4.36
02. Sweet Poison (Middelton) 6.38
03. Theme 1 Take 1 (Martin) 3.37
04. Theme 1 Take 2 (Martin) 3.38
05. Tickets to Waterfalls Take 1 (5:48)
06. Tickets to Waterfalls Take 2 (5:32)
07. The Loner (Middelton) (3:49)

CD 2: The Cozy Powell / Jack Bruce Project:
01. White Room (instrumental) (Bruce) 6.45
02. Unknown Titel 5.25
03. Sitting on Top of the World (Vinson/Chatmon) 8.25
04. Take It Back (Bruce/Brown) 5.00
05. Crossroads #1 (Johnson) 4.13
06. Crossroads #2 (Johnson) 3.03
07. Discussion 3.29
08. White Room (remastered version) (Bruce) 6.45
09. Unknown (remastered version) 5.17