Quadro Nuevo – Canzone della strada (2002)

FrontCover1The group Quadro Nuevo was born on a grey January day in 1996 when four young musicians met for the first time on a parking lot near Salzburg.

The four, who had only vaguely heard of each other before then, had been commissioned to produce a movie score for the Austrian TV station ORF. The fee for the recording was subsequently blown in the local Casino and the film was never broadcast.

But on that day, one thing was clear: a new quartet with an unmistakable sound had been born. From now on, there would only be Quadro Nuevo, the love of nostalgic acoustic music, traveling together evening after evening, from stage to stage.  A dream became reality, the joyous exuberance audible in every note.

ConcertPoster1996The quartet has now performed at many renowned festivals such as the Montreal Jazz Festival, the International Burghausen Jazz Weeks, the Rheingau Music Festival, Merano Music Weeks, Saalfelden Jazz Days, the Ollinkan Festival in Mexico City and the Quebec Festival.

Quadro Nuevo is Europe’s answer to the Argentine tango.  Arabesques, Balkan swing, ballads, daredevil improvisations, the melodies of old Europe and the lightness of the Mediterranean merge into fabulous songs full of joyous colour.

These melodies tell of the vagabond life, of experiences and encounters on this great journey of life, of small coincidences and grand moments, of tenderness and wild temperament driven between the winds of east and west, caught between consuming yearning and joyful fulfillment – between the bitter and the sweet.

LiveInItaly2002Quadro Nuevo has been touring the globe since 1996 giving over 3000 concerts in places as far flung as Sidney, Montreal, Ottawa, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, New York, New Orleans, Mexico City, Peking, Seoul, Singapore, Tunis and Tel Aviv. From the tranquility of Upper Bavaria, the road has led them over the Alps to Porto, traversing Europe from Denmark to the Balkans and to the Ukraine.

In the course of their travels, the quartet has established its own form of melodic poetry beyond all genre pigeon holes, unmistakably shaped by the passionate love of their instruments and the joy of making music. The secret is their devotion: it is a rare experience to hear music performed with so much excitement, verve and an empathy with cultures that are foreign.

QuardoNuevo01The Quartet’s venues are as diverse as the roots of their music and are not limited to concert halls and festivals. Quadro Nuevo’s ardent virtuosi are just as much at home busking on the piazzas of southern Europe, enticing audiences to dance to their music as a night-time tango band, as they are in jazz clubs and locations as famous as New York’s Carnegie Hall.

Quadro Nuevo’s CD’s have received the German Jazz Award, climbed into the Top Ten of the Jazz and World Music charts and were awarded the coveted European Phono Award in Paris.


And this is their 4th album … another highlight in the history of Quadro Nuevo:

“Canzone della Strada'” Quadro Nuevo explores old Italian tango and lyrical canciones.
Music of an Italy almost lost in time, once so enchantingly presented by long forgotten singers of the likes of Carlo Buti, Nilla Pizzi, and Claudio Villa. Visions of the South, firing the melancholic fantasy yearning in North and Central Europeans since time immemorial, are awoken by their songs.
These take their place next to temperamental Neapolitan street hits and daring improvisations.
Quadro Nuevo drew its ideas and inspiration from long trips through Italy.
Musical jewels pickup up from the streets and squares of Mediterranean towns.

The CD released in 2002 Quadro Nuevo : Canzone della Strada records this musical dream. It was distinguished with the German Jazz Award and the Impala European Phono Award and climbed into the Top Ten of the Jazz and World Music Charts.

Mulo Francel (saxophone, clarinet)
Andreas Hinterseher (accordion)
D.D. Lowka (bass, percussion)
Robert Wolf (guitar)
Francesco Buzzurro (mandolin)
Heinz-Ludger Jeromin (accordion)
Bruno Renzi (piano, vocals)
Pegasus String Quartet:
Michaela Buchholz (viola)
Andrea Karpinski (violin)
Daniel Nodel (violin)

01. Roma Nun Fà La Stupida Stasera (Trovajoli) 3.11
02. Tu Vuo’ Fa’ L’americano (Carosone) 3.56
03. La Luna Si Veste D’Argente (Mascheroni) 4.29
04. Chitarra Romana (Lazzaro) 4.08
05. Serenata Celeste (Ruccione) 3.24
06. Canzone Della Strada (Francel) 4.40
07. Valzer Dottore (Francel) 4.57
08. Tango Del Mare (Redi) 3.46
09. Firenze Sogna (Cesarini) 3.48
10. Arrivederci Roma (Rascel( 4.25
11. Tarantella (Francel) 4.48
12. Per Il Mio Amore (Wolf) 4.23
13. Arrivederci (Calabrese/Bindi) 3.03