Quarterhorse – The Weight Of The World (2009)

FrontCover1.jpgUnfortunatley I have no informations about this great Group from Göteborg/Sweden and this is a shame, because Quarterhorse is a real great band.

This is their second and so far I know their last ablum.

The first album was released in 2004 an was called “It’s Nothing “.

They played a very relexed form of Westcound Rock, full of a magic and beguiling sound. Very soft and gentle … this Album should have been a number one album all of the world !

They had a great female singer … and believe me, this not ony a real rare item, … this is an unbelieveable pretty good album.

I found in google some entries about “Quarterhorse” but they are all in Swedish … sorry, I cant read Swedish !

So give this band a chance …. listen … you will not regret it ! Believe me !


Thomas Andrén (guitar)
Sofia Assarson (vocals, flute)
Michael Hansson (vocals guitar)
Mattias Nordström (drums)
Martin Livian (bass)
Henrik Palmqvist (piano)
Maria Andrén (violin on 01)
Damon Collum (vocals on 05.)
Erik Dahl (trombone on 03.)
Mack Johansson (vocals on 04.)
Mats Larson (drums on 07. – left channel)
Max Lindahl (trumpet on 04. + 06.)
Klas Nilson (trumpet on 03., 04.)
Bo Savik (pedal steel-guitar on 05.)
Frida Thurefjell (Saxophone on 03. + 06.)
background vocals
Niels Nankkr – Niklas von Arnold – Alexandra Wennerson


01. Carry On (Hanson) 4.56
02. All Trails End (Hansson) 4.33
03. To Give And To Get In Return (Hansson/Arnold)
04. Black Light (Hansson/Assarson/Andrén) 5.41
05. Smile (Assarson/Andrén)
06. 500 Nights (Hansson) 4.55
07. Easy To Love (Assarson/Andrén) 4.09
08. Between The Lines (Hansson) 3.53
09. Sorry Sir (Assarson/Andrén/Hansson/Livian) 5.23
10. Daylight Savings Time (Hansson) 4.08
11. Hope (Assarson/Hansson) 6.38