Ratchell – Same (1971)

FrontCover1Ratchell was an American rock band formed by former Steppenwolf guitarist Larry Byrom. Also in the band were bassist Howard Messer, guitarist Pat Couchois, and drummer Chris Couchois, who had previously performed with Byrom in T.I.M.E. The band released two albums for Decca Records: Ratchell in 1971 and Ratchell II in 1972. After the band’s dissolution, Messer and the Couchois brothers went on to release an album on Warner Bros. Records in 1979 under the “Couchois” banner, while Byrom went on to work as a songwriter and session musician. (by wikipedia)

A product of its time, I hear bits and pieces of Three Dog Night, Bread, Blues Image, Grand Funk Railroad, Sugarloaf and more, but Ratchell put these obvious influences together in such a way that it’s hard not to like the LP. Highlights include the opener ‘Problems’ and ‘Julie My Woman’ with their hard-to-miss Santana vibes and the Eric Clapton styled ballad ‘And If I Will’. Special mention for drummer Chris Couchois whose percussion work here is very impressive throughout the record. The Mersey influenced ‘My My’ and the classical instrumental ‘Saycus’ which segues nicely into the Badfinger-ish ‘Peace Of Mind’ are the best of side two’s offerings, but the album as a whole is a wonderful package worthy of any serious pop collection.(by grapher)

Larry Byrom (guitar, keyboards, trumpet, mandolin, vocals)
Chris Couchois (drums, percussion, vocals)
Pat Couchois (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
Howard Messer (bass, piano, trumpet, vocals)
Larry Cox (whiskers, cabasa on 05.)

01. Problems (C.Couchois) 3.38
02. Lazy Lady (P.Couchois/C.Couchois) 2.59
03. Here On My Face (P.Couchois/C.Couchois) 3.52
04. And If I Will (C.Couchois/Byrom) 3.29
05. Julie My Woman (C.Couchois/Byrom) 2.19
06. Warm And Tender Love (C.Couchois/Byrom) 2.48
07. Home (P.Couchois/Byrom) 2.48
08. My My (Messer/Byrom) 2.10
09. Out Of Hand (C.Couchois/Byrom) 3.47
10. How Many Times (P.Couchois/C.Couchois/Byrom) 3.34
11. Saycus (Byrom) 2.28
12. Peace Of Mind (P.Couchois/C.Couchois/Byrom/Messer)  04:25