Razorlight – Up All Night (2004)

FrontCover1Razorlight are an English indie rock band, formed in 2002 in London by lead singer and guitarist Johnny Borrell. Along with Borrell, the current line-up of the band is composed of founding member Björn Ågren on guitar, keyboardist Reni Lane, bassist Ben Ellis and drummer Mat Hector.

The band have gone through several line-up changes, with Borrell remaining the sole permanent member. They released three studio albums before splitting up in 2014. The band reformed in 2017 and released the album Olympus Sleeping in 2018.

They are best known for the singles Golden Touch and America. (by wikipedia)


Up All Night is the debut album by English indie rock band Razorlight, released on 28 June 2004. The album was mainly recorded at Sawmills Studio and mixed at Sphere Studios by John Cornfield.

The album garnered favourable reviews but critics questioned the band’s influence-filled musicianship throughout the tracks. Up All Night peaked at number 3 on the UK Albums Chart and spawned six singles: “Rock ‘N’ Roll Lies”, “Rip It Up”, “Stumble and Fall”, “Golden Touch”, “Vice” and “Somewhere Else”.

On 4 June 2014, the band, with only lead singer Johnny Borrell remaining from the line-up which recorded the album, played at the Electric Ballroom in Camden to mark Up All Night’s 10th anniversary. (by wikipedia)

Razorlight2004There must be a healthy middle when it comes to capturing the essence of Brit-pop. Something in between the impenetrable swagger of Liam and Noel Gallagher and the vacuous and hollow bravado of Jet that can both pay homage to big riffs and bad attitude, yet still maintain a unique personality, which is what made the rock gods of yesteryear so endearing. Razorlight mastermind, lead singer/guitarist Johnny Borrell wants so desperately to be the next Joe Strummer or Lou Reed, and for what Razorlight’s first album lacks in identity, it gathers momentum on effort and sheer will. It’s the same, albeit slightly worse, garage rock revival record that’s been all too common in the early 2000s, but quick, aggressive tracks such as “Vice,” “Rip It Up,” “Golden Touch” and “Stumble and Fall” are undeniably catchy and Borrell himself is largely responsible for playing them as if he really were the next Freddie Mercury.

Razorlight02He wails and passionately groans over some horribly vapid vocals, “hey girl/get on the dancefloor/rip it up, yeah/that’s what it’s there for” (on “Rip It Up”) but even a bad cover version of your favorite Strokes-type song can still appeal to the less cynical part of your brain. Even John Cornfield and Borrell’s production seems like a shoddy attempt to re-create the frontman’s favorite records note for note. His desire to add a layer of grime by muddying up the louder moments (such as on “Don’t Go Back to Dalston,” which starts off quietly before careening into a bloated call and response conclusion) doesn’t remove the feeling that the entire recording process was extremely sterile. At this stage, Borrell lacks the confidence to move beyond his idols, and his energetic music remains a game of spot the influence. (by Erik Leijon)

And one of best songs from this album “In The City” sounds a little bit, like “Gloria” from Them (they use the same chords…)


Björn Ågren (guitar, vocals)
Johnny Borrell (vocals, guitar)
Carl Dalemo (bass, vocals)
Christian Smith-Pancorvo (drums, vocals)


01. Leave Me Alone (Ågren/Borrell/Dalemo/Smith-Pancorvo) 3.50
02.Rock N Roll Lies (Borrell/Fortis) 3.08
03. Vice (Ågren/Borrell/Dalemo/Smith-Pancorvo) 3.14
04. Up All Night (Ågren/Borrell/Dalemo/Smith-Pancorvo) 4.03
05. Which Way Is Out (Ågren/Borrell/Dalemo/Smith-Pancorvo) 3.19
06. Rip It Up (Ågren/Borrell/Dalemo/Smith-Pancorvo) 2.25
07. Don’t Go Back To Dalston (Ågren/Borrell/Dalemo/Smith-Pancorvo) 3.00
08. Golden Touch (Ågren/Borrell/Dalemo/Smith-Pancorvo) 3.25
09. Stumble And Fall (Ågren/Borrell/Dalemo/Smith-Pancorvo) 3.05
10. In The City (Borrell) 4.51
11. To The Sea (Ågren/Borrell/Dalemo/Smith-Pancorvo) 5.31
12. Fall, Fall, Fall (Ågren/Borrell/Dalemo/Smith-Pancorvo) 2.43
13. Get It And Go (Ågren/Borrell/Dalemo/Smith-Pancorvo) 3.23