Rhinoceros – Satin Chickens (1969)

FrontCover1Satin Chickens is the Second Album by the American Psychedelic-Rock Band Rhinoceros.
Elektra Records was, at the end of the 60′s, one of the most important Psychedelic-Rock Labels out there, counting among their ranks such acts as The Doors, Love and The Stooges. Paul A. Rothchild was one of the Label’s most active Talent Scouts and had been instrumental in the creation of Buffalo Springfield, and although he did not participate with such enthusiasm as he once had, he was still the creative spark behind the creation of Rhinoceros, with the collaboration of Producer Frazier Mohawk (also worked with Buffalo Springfield and with other Bands like Kaleidoscope and Paul Butterfield). They auditioned a couple dozen Musicians from different Bands, and finally concluded the Line-Up in Early 1968, which now consisted of Admembers of Iron Butterfly, The Electric Flag and The Mothers Of Invention. Skipping the Debut, which despite being critically acclaimed and having massive advertisement failed to sell, we see ourselves in 1969, Rothchild and Mohawk had abandoned the (sinking) ship, and a big part of the original group had changed, but nonetheless, the Band kept on, releasing Satin Chickens on that year. It failed as would their next and final effort, Better Times Are Coming, released in 1970, just a year prior to their Break-Up.
Best Tracks – “Satin Doll”, “Monkee Man”, “Find My Hand”, “Don’t Come Crying”. “Chicken”, “It’s The Same Thing” and “Back Door”. The Band has got the Bluesy feeling of Free, while not having such a good Vocalist or Guitarist and being far more into Funk. Quite an interesting Album of very good quality music, really good, far above the average Psychedelic Album. They could have tried to do a lot of stronger, quicker instead of the 1 minute tracks, but it is very good as it is. (by Red Hippie)

John Finley (vocals)
Michael Fonfar (keyboards)
Alan Gerber (vocals, piano)
Doug Hastings (guitar)
Peter Hodgson (bass)
Billy Mundi (drums)
Danny Weis (guitar, piano)

01. Satin Doll (Ellington) 0.50
02. Monkee Man (Weis/Finley) 4.08
03. Find My Hand (Gerber) 3.38
04. Top Of The Ladder (Weis/Finley) 5,00
05. Sugar Foot Rag (unknown) 0.37
06. Don’t Come Crying (Finley) 4.04
07. Chicken (Weis/Hastings) 3.24
08. It’s The Same Thing (Gerber) 3.25
09. In A Little Room (Finley) 4.27
10. Funk Butt (Fonfara) 3.21
11. Back Door (Hastings) 3.42


Reunion concert at the Kitchener Blues Festival in Ontario on 7 August 2009

Reunion concert at the Kitchener Blues Festival in Ontario on 7 August 2009