Buddy Rich & His Orchestra – This One’s For Basie (1956)

FrontCover1Drummer Buddy Rich put together an interesting 11-piece group for this tribute to Count Basie. The only Basie alumnus present is trumpeter Harry “Sweets” Edison but the other soloists (trombonist Frank Rosolino and Bob Enevoldsen, Bob Cooper on tenor and pianist Jimmy Rowles) easily fit into the setting. Marty Paich contributed the arrangements, there are plenty of drum solos and the music, if not all that memorable, can easily be enjoyed by straightahead jazz fans. (by Scott Yanow)

The mutual admiration society between Count Basie and Buddy Rich is well documented. Buddy sat in with Basie’s band in the 40’s but tore up the blank check the Count gave him for his services. Basie responded with an inscribed gold watch which I understand he wore all of his life (Source: Traps the Drum Wonder by Mel Torme). Anyway, I guess this was Rich’s way of paying tribute to the Count. Recorded in 1956 in LA, this set of Basie standards is well conceived and executed. The all-star line-up of west coast studio jocks backing Buddy includes Frank Rosolino, Conrad Gozzo, Bob Cooper, Jimmy Rowles, a few others and of course the immortal Harry “Sweets” Edison who was also a Rich favorite. This session swings fairly well and benefits from the contributions of ace arranger Marty Paich. The only drawback – and it’s minor – is that as a studio band these guys are a little too tight. Ordinarily this wouldn’t matter but when you’re doin’ Basie, you gotta be loose! Still highly recommended. (by William Faust)

Buddy Rich

Buddy Collette (saxophone, flute)
Bob Cooper (saxophone)
Pete Condoli (trumpet)
Harry Edison (trumpet)
Bob Enevoldsen (trombone, saxophone)
Conrad Gozzo (trumpet)
Joe Mondragon (bass)
Bill Pitman (guitar)
Buddy Rich (drums)
Frank Rosolino (trombone)
Jimmy Rowles (piano)


01. Blue And Sentimental (Basie/Livingston/David) 4.46
02. Down For Double (Green) 4.05
03. Jump For Me (Basie) 5.41
04. Blues For Basie (Edison) 7.16
05. Jumpin’ At The Woodside (Basie) 6.23
06. Ain’t It The Truth? (Harding/Basie) 2.58
07. Shorty George (Basie) 5.10
08. 9:20 Special (Warren) 4.34



Buddy Rich2