Marc Robery & Chris Welch – Eric Clapton – The Illustrated Disco + Biography (1984)

ClaptonDiscographie01AThis is another book from my collection of rock books ….a The Illustrated Disco + Biography of Eric Clapton, released in 1984.

“This book contains a comprehensive listing of Clapton´s recorded work, tracing his career from the early recorings by The Yardbirds, through John Mayall´s Bluesbreakers, Cream, Blind FaIth, Derek and the Cominoes and finally his work as a solo artist.

There are also seperate sections on Clapton´s work as a sesion musician for others, bootleg albums and live tapes which ciculate among fans and collectors.

Discographer Marc Roberty is an avid Clapton collector and the book is illustrated with many rare record sleeves and promotional items.

Noted rock dommentator Chris Welch has contributed a revealing account of Clapton´s career as a preface to the discographical sections.

This book (82 pages) is dedicated to all friends of discographies and to all fans of Eric Clapton, one of the finest guitar players we´ve ever had.




Eric Clapton with Freddie King + Pete Townshend