Ryco-Jazz – Fantastique Ryco-Jazz (1968)

FrontCover1.jpgRyco-Jazz was founded by Henri Bowane in 1958. The name was composed from Rythme Congolais, Ry-Co in short. From 1960 to 1964 they toured west Africa and later moved to Martinique where they were very popular.

Their styles varied from tumbele, biguine, bolero and rumba. Back in Paris in 1971 the group splits up and
spreads. Jean Serge Essous for instance went back to join Les Bantous de la Capitale..enjoy.. (globalgroovers.com)

Ry-Co Jazz became pan-African heroes during the 1960s when they introduced their vital Congo/Latin rhythms to West Africa. The band was founded in Congo in 1958/59 and managed by Henri Bowane, the hit parade guitarist who first brought Franco into the recording studio. Original members Freddy N’kounkou [vocal], M’Bilia Casino [congas and vocal], and Panda Gracia [double bass], were soon joined by ace guitarist Jerry Malekani who stayed with the group until they ended their epic adventure in 1972. From 1967, with sax master Jean Serge Essous on board, they spent four years in the French Antilles, leaving their influence on the pioneers of ‘zouk’ music. (unknown source)

And here´s another piece of World Music … directly from West Africa into our hearts …


Lucien Chico (keyboards)
Philippe Combo (bass)
Justin Jerry (guitar, vocals)
Jacky Michelin (alias Mawa) (drums, percussion)
Espiritu Jean Serge (saxophone, flute, vocals)


01. Mimi (Tumbele) (Kabasele) 4.22
02. Bana Biafra (Boogaloo) (Freddy) 4.56
03. Nabenga Yo Nani (Boléro) (Kouka/Essous/Malapet) 4.34
04. An Drole Di Chance (Biguine) (Essous) 3.31
05. Blue Sugar (Calypso) (Freddy) 4.34
06. Basi Na Angola (Tumbele) (D’Oliveira) 4.08
07. Désarmement (Cadence Rampa) (Essous) 5.18
08. N’Doto Kitoko (Boléro) (Essous) 4.05
09. M’Puli Mua Munie (Biguine) (Le Pape) 5.20
10. Ivecia (Tumbele) (Freddy) 4.44