Santabarbara – Charly (No Dejes De Soñar) (1974)

FrontCover1.JPGSantabarbara was a Spanish pop band founded in 1973, comprising Enrique Milian (born 1947; singer, bass), Mario Balaguer (guitar, vocals) and Alberto López (drums). They met as Georgie Dann’s backing musicians in 1970.

Mario Balaguer worked (born in 1947 in Barcelona and died in 1999)  1970 in a machine facotry in Erlangen/Germany and founded the band “Fantomas”. Two years later he play with a band called “Capitolo XIII” in Spain before he joined “Santabarbara” and …

… they got a big nº 1 hit with “Charly” in 1973.

Here´s their debut album …

… it´s a mixed bag: mostly MOR and cheesy Pop, including their Euro-hit from 1973 “Charly”, but …


… attention please: also three HardRocker gems hidden in between: “Rommel”, “Lucifer” and “Vueltas”

“Lucier” is a brilliant hard rock songs … it beginns very softly …but then you will hear great and exciting power chords on the guitar.

And “Vueltas” sounds a little bit like “Silve Machine” from Hawkwind !

So, give this album a chance … because you can three unknowns hard rock gems from the Seventies.


Mario Balaguer (guitar)
Enrique Milian (bass, vocals)
Alberto López (drums, percussion)


01. Toda La Verdad (Milian/Girado) 3.20
02. Paz (Milian) 2.53
03. America (Balaguer) 4.02
04. Charly (Milian/Gil) 3.43
05. No Dejes De Sonar (Milian/Girado) 3.16
06. Adios Amigo (Girado) 3.30
07. Rommel (Milian/Balaguer) 3.19
08. Perdoname Otra Vez (Milian) 2.16
09. Lucifer (Milian/Balaguer) 5.55
10. Vueltas (Milian) 2.50