Savoy Brown – Blue Matter (1969)

FrontCover1Blue Matter is the third album by the band Savoy Brown. Teaming up once again with producer Mike Vernon, it finds them experimenting even more within the blues framework. Several tracks feature piano (played by Bob Hall, guitarist Kim Simmonds, and vocalist Chris Youlden, who even plays guitar here) as well as trombone.
This album featured a mix of live and studio recordings. The live tracks were recorded on December 6, 1968 at the now defunct City of Leicester College of Education because the band was scheduled to tour the USA and needed additional tracks to complete the album in time for the tour. The booking at the college represented their only chance to record the extra tracks in a live venue before embarking on the tour. An offer to perform the concert free of charge was accepted by Chris Green, the college Social Secretary, who had made the original booking, and the concert was duly recorded, a number of the live tracks being added to the album.
Because Chris Youlden was suffering from tonsillitis, Dave Peverett stood in as lead vocalist on the live tracks.
The album track “Vicksburg Blues” had first appeared as the B-side of Decca single F 12797 (released June 1968), fronted by “Walking by Myself”. (by wikipedia)
The third release by Kim Simmonds and company, but the first to feature the most memorable lineup of the group: Simmonds, “Lonesome” Dave Peverett, Tony “Tone” Stevens, Roger Earl, and charismatic singer Chris Youlden. This one serves up a nice mixture of blues covers and originals, with the first side devoted to studio cuts and the second a live club date recording. Certainly the standout track, indeed a signature song by the band, is the tour de force “Train to Nowhere,” with its patient, insistent buildup and pounding train-whistle climax. Additionally, David Anstey’s detailed, imaginative sleeve art further boosts this a notch above most other British blues efforts.(by Peter Kurtz)

Side One is marked “Studio”; Side Two is marked “Live” and was recorded at The City of Leicester College of Education, Friday 6th December 1968.

Savoy Brown, live in 1969
Roger Earl (drums, percussion)
Bob Hall (piano)
“Lonesome” Dave Peverett (guitar, vocals)
Kim Simmonds (guitar, harmonica, piano)
Tone Stevens (bass)
Chris Youlden (vocals, guitar, piano)
Rivers Jobe (bass on 01., 02. + 04.)
Mike Vernon (percussion on 01.)
trombones on 01:
Terry Flannery – Keith Martin – Alan Moore – Brian Perrin – Derek Wadsworth


01. Train To Nowhere (Simmonds/Youlden) 4.12
02. Tolling Bells (Simmonds/Youlden) 6.33
03. She’s Got A Ring In His Nose And A Ring On Her Hand (Youlden) 3.07
04. Vicksburg Blues (Hall/Youlden) 4.00
05. Don’t Turn Me From Your Door (Hooker) 5.4
06. Grits Ain’t Groceries (All Around Te World) (bonus track) (Turner) 2.46
07. May Be Wrong (Peverett) 7.56

08. Louisiana Blues (Morganfield) 9.05
09. It Hurts Me Too (London) 6.51
Alternate frontcover from Australia

Savoy Brown – Getting To The Point (1968)

lpfrontcover1Getting to the Point is the second studio album by the British blues rock band Savoy Brown. It marks the debut of a vastly different lineup, still led by Kim Simmonds but fronted by new vocalist Chris Youlden.

It was released by Decca in 1968 with catalog number SKL 4935 and finds the group taking on more of the songwriting load, as opposed to their debut, which consisted mostly of covers. One of the covers is “You Need Love” by Willie Dixon, which served as a blueprint for “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin. Deram released the CD with three bonus tracks in 1990 with catalog number 820 922-2. (by wikipedia)

1967 saw Savoy Brown tour as backing band for Hooker’s UK tour and also open for Cream’s first London performance.
Extensive touring was followed by personnel changes after a drugs ‘bust’ which saw in new bassist Bob Brunning from Fleetwood Mac and singer Chris Youlden. Youlden was a true find, his rich, often mournful vocal harnessed to Simmond’s fluid guitar lines levered in home grown material from both men that trademarked the Savoy Brown sound, the line-up soon enriched by the arrival of bassist “Lonesome” Dave Peverett and drummer Roger Earle.
Getting to the Point followed in March 1968, the mix now reversed with just two covers and seven originals by Youlden and Simmonds. Initially something of a downer after “Shake Down”, the album picks up half way and begins to rattle along, showcasing an individual style and a growing dynamic within the band.
Winning contemporary media plaudits for the album, this chemistry was to grow to even better purpose with subsequent releases in the last gasps of the decade.(by Greville Rob)


The first single with Chris Youlden (with the wrong line-up on the cover !)

Getting to the Point marks the debut of a vastly different lineup, still led by Simmonds but now fronted by new vocalist Chris Youlden. The pair got off to a good start by writing or co-writing most of the album. The playing is solid blues revival, and though Youlden’s vocals are often overly imitative of B.B. King and Muddy Waters, he has a confident voice and frontman persona. Originals like “Flood in Houston” and “Mr. Downchild” provide the highlights. (by by Keith Farley)


US front+back cover

Roger Earl (drums)
Bob Hall (piano)
Rivers Jobe (bass)
Dave Peverett (guitar)
Kim Simmonds (lead guitar)
Chris Youlden (vocals)
Bob Brunning (bass on 11. + 12.)
Hughie Flint (drums 11. + 12.)


01. Flood In Houston (Simmonds/Youlden) – 4:00
02. Stay With Me Baby (Peverett/Simmonds/Youlden) 2.35
03. Honey Bee (Morganfield) 6.25
04. The Incredible Gnome Meets Jaxman (Simmonds) 3.30
05. Give Me A Penny (Traditional) 4.20
06. Mr. Downchild (Simmonds/Youlden) 5.25
07. Getting To The Point (Simmonds) 4.20
08. Big City Lights (Hall/Youlden) 3.25
09. You Need Love (Dixon) 7.40
10. Walking by Myself (Single A side, 1967) (Rogers) 2.25
11. Taste And Try, Before You Buy (Single A side, 1967) (Youlden) 2-21
12. Someday People (Single B side, 1967) (Simmonds) 4.35



Still alive and well: Kim Simmonds in 2016

Savoy Brown – Shake Down (1967)

frontcover1Savoy Brown, originally known as the Savoy Brown Blues Band, are an English blues rock band formed in Battersea, south west London in 1965. Part of the late 1960s blues rock movement, Savoy Brown primarily achieved success in the United States, where they promoted their albums with non-stop touring.

The band was formed by guitarist Kim Simmonds and harmonica player John O’Leary, following a chance meeting at Transat Imports record shop in Lisle Street, Soho, in 1965. The initial constant line-up adjustments were attributed to the “creative accountancy” employed by the band’s manager, Harry Simmonds, brother of Kim.

The original line-up included singer Bryce Portius, keyboardist Trevor Jeavons, bassist Ray Chappell, drummer Leo Manning and harmonica player John O’Leary (O’Leary appeared on record with the band on its initial recordings for Mike Vernon’s Purdah label). Portius was one of the first black blues musicians to be a part of a British rock band.[citation needed] Jeavons was replaced by Bob Hall shortly after the band’s formation, and this was followed shortly by O’Leary’s departure and the arrival of Martin Stone on guitars. This line-up appeared on the band’s 1967 debut album, Shake Down, a collection of blues covers.


Shake Down is the debut studio album by the British blues rock band Savoy Brown. It was released in 1967 (on Decca SKL 4883) under the name of Savoy Brown Blues Band and is mainly an album of covers, featuring three songs penned by blues singer Willie Dixon. In addition to Dixon, the band covers John Lee Hooker and B.B. King. (by wikipedia)

This is one of the best albuzms from the British blues boom … And “Balck Night is one of the best songs, Savoy Brown ever recorded ..

And listen to “Let Me Love You Baby”, too … another highlight in the history of Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown !


Ray Chappell (bass)
Brice Portius – vocals
Kim Simmonds – lead and rhythm guitar
Martin Stone – lead and rhythm guitar

Leo Mannings – drums, percussion
Bob Hall – piano (on “I Ain’t Superstitious”, “Little Girl”, “Shake ‘Em On Down”)


01. I Ain’t Superstitious (Dixon) 3.25
02. Let Me Love You Baby (Dixon) 3.00
03. Black Night (Robinson) 4.47
04. High Rise (Bridge/Thompson/King) – 2:44
05. Rock Me Baby (King/Josea) 2.56
06. I Smell Trouble (Malone) 4.28
07. Oh! Pretty Woman (King) 2.28
08. Little Girl (Dixon) 1.38
09. The Doormouse Rides The Rails (Stone) 3.32
10. It’s My Own Fault (Hooker) 4.55
11. Shake ‘Em On Down (Traditional) 6.00




Savoy Brown – Live At The Bottom Line, New York (1976)

SavoyBrownFrontCover1This is another Savoy Brown bootleg … from a period which was a very good period fpr Savoy Brown, because the musical partnership between Kim Simmonds and Paul Raymond was a very good one.

Paul Raymond  left Chicken Shack and both Andy Silvester and Dave Bidwell followed on shortly afterwards to join him in blues band Savoy Brown filling the gap left by former members Dave Peverett, Tony Stevens and Roger Earl who had deserted guitarist Kim Simmonds to form the band Foghat.  His tenure with Savoy Brown lasted from 1971-1976 encompassing 6 albums, including Street Corner Talking and Hellbound Train. During this period of relentless tour schedules and various line-up changes the band enjoyed major success in the USA, breaking into the Billboard Top 100 and playing prestigious venues such as Madison Square Garden.

This is a show to promote the great Skin & Bone album … and it´s a probably one of the finest Savoy Brown bootlegs ever recorded … an excellent radio show !


Ian Ellis (bass, background vocals)
Tom Farnell (drums)
Raul Raymond (keyboards, guitar, vocals)
Kim Simmonds (guitar, vocals, harmonica)


 Alternate frontcover

01. Part Time Lady (Raymond/Simmonds) 08.01
02. Get On Up And Do It (Raymond/Simmonds) 4.03
03. Hero To Zero (Raymond/Simmonds) 9.44
04. Walkin’ And Talkin’ (Raymond/Simmonds) 16.37
05. Memory Pain (Mayfield) 7.55
06. She’s The One  (Ballard) 4.20
07. Hellbound Train (Simmonds/Silvester) 16.48
08. Tell Mama (Raymond/Simmonds) 6.51


Another alternate frontcover



Savoy Brown – Skin N Bone (1976)

FrontCover1With this 1976 release, the follow-up to 1975’s WIRE FIRE, the songwriting team of Kim Simmonds & Paul Raymond (later of UFO) came up with 5 great songs plus a cover of Hank Ballard’s “She’s The One”. The songs hint at a more rocking direction that the band (minus Raymond) would later take to the max on their
next release, 1978’s SAVAGE RETURN. Simmonds,Raymond & drummer
Tom Farnell are joined by newcomer Ian Ellis (replacing WIRE FIRE bassist Andy Rae). Ellis would later take over lead vocals (from the departing Raymond) on the rockin’ SAVAGE RETURN.
All in all, this ranks as one of Savoy Brown’s most accessible albums. Highlights include Erding77Athe almost UFO-like “Get On Up & Do It” & the only non-studio cut “Walkin’ & Talkin'”. This track was recorded live at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland. Almost 13 minutes long,it features dual vocals from Simmonds & Raymond.
Besides Simmonds’ stunning guitar playing,it also features him on an impressive,extended harmonica solo. (by an amazon customer)

The title track is seven and a half minutes of impassioned mid-tempo rock, with Simmonds and keyboard master Paul Raymond turning in some wonderful soloing, while rhythm section Ian Ellis on bass and Tommy Farnell on drums keep the time impressively. Finally, Savoy Brown has always been a most formidable live act, and “Walkin’ and Talkin'” is more than thirteen minutes of delightful blues strut before a very appreciative audience. Kim and Paul share vocals on this number, proof that in lean times, the band continued to make excellent music live. (by another amazon customer)

Indeed, the titel track is full of magic and “Walkin’ And Talkin'” is one of the best live songs Savoy Brown ever recorded. That´s what I call BLUES POWER !


Ian Ellis (bass, background vocals)
Tom Farnell (drums)
Raul Raymond (keyboards, guitar, vocals)
Kim Simmonds (guitar, vocals, harmonica)


01. Get On Up And Do It (Raymond/Simmonds) 3.13
02. Part Time Lady (Raymond/Simmonds)     5:00
03. This Day Is Gonna Be Our Last (Raymond/Simmonds)     5:21
04. She’s The One (Ballard) 3.36
05. Skin ‘N’ Bone (Raymond/Simmonds) 7.42
06. Walkin’ And Talkin’ (Raymond/Simmonds) 12.14



Savoy Brown – Live And Kickin´ (1990)

FrontCover1Never listened to Savoy brown when I was a teenager into my early twenties, 1970 – 1979. Listened to many bands of the time, The Who, Jethro Tull, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, James Gang, Hot Tuna, CSNY, Allman Bros., Eric Clapton, etc. (and saw most more then once), but never got into these guys. I do remember a friends’ older brother having “Looking In” (cover caught my eye) and wondered what it was about, but never played it. Well, recently I began (again) a collection of late 60’s & 70’s music. Once I hit about 6 to 7 hundred CD’s I decided to try some other music I never listened to back then. Needless to say, I own just about every Savoy Brown album at this point, and my collection has gone passed 1000 CD’s. Had not been to a concert in about fifteen years and decided to go this past December (2009). Guess who? SAVOY BROWN in a little joint in Troy, N.Y. called Revolution Hall that holds maybe 150 people. Let me put it this way, It had to be one of the best concerts I ever saw. Maybe I was a little too blown-out during those earlier years to enjoy a show (not that I did’nt), but this was unbelievable! A 45 minute warm-up band and then over 3 hours of music from SB. Never saw anything like it, in a bar no less. Many of the old songs (which are, as I said, new to me) were played. The main thing that really impressed me was the fact that this guy Kim Simmonds was REALLY enjoying himself. DaveWalker1989Even though it was this tiny venue the guy put his whole heart and soul into this show. Missed it back then, but so glad to see it now. Simply outstanding! Just got this 3 CD box set “Savoy Brown Collection” for a great price and I think that the “Live and Kickin'” CD is the best. They are all good, but that one seems to be the best. Maybe it’s because of my recent live experience, who knows? Just great music. (by Old Book Reader)

The “Gentleman” who introduces this band as the Kings Of British Boogie just might know his stuff. Clapton may be a god, Humble Pie may be smokin’, but Savoy Brown and the ageless and unstoppable Kim Simmonds not so quietly continue to push the British interpretation of American Blues into the bland and boring techno-future. I’ve heard a number of Savoy Browns over the years and to be honest, this line-up does some serious aural damage. (That’s a good thing) The lead track “Heartbreaks Make You Strong” nicely sets the pace for the rest of the show with it’s driving beat and lyrics about lost love and hope of redemption. Throughout this performance the band alternates between Blues rockers and even more Bluesy rockers.(Another good thing) I normally have no interest in medleys, BUT…this album offers up the exception. They call it “The Greatest Hits Medley” and it serves up “I’m Tired”, “Hard Way To Go”, “Louisiana Blues”, “Street Corner Talkin'” and a full blown “Hellbound Train” followed by a hot Blues jam. The whole wonderful ordeal blends seamlessly and lasts about 20 glorious minutes. Dave Walker belts out “I Can’t Get Next To You”, “All I Can Do Is Cry”, “Wang Dang Doodle” and every other song on this disc in a voice that should be familiar to fans of Savoy Browns’s early 70s work. The sound is excellent and you can actually hear the drums and cymbals clearly.(yet another good thing) I admit that I had my doubts about a latter day Savoy Brown when I bought this CD. Instead of disappointing me, this live recording prompted me to take in a 2011 show that left me sold on Kim Simmond’s ability to assemble a band that matches his own musical prowess. Give this one a few listens and you might not take it out of your CD player for a while. (by R. Krieger)

Recorded live at The Lone Star Roadhouse, New York, New York

Lou Kaplan (bass)
Pete Mendillo (drums)
Rick Jewett (keyboards, vocals)
Kim Simmonds (guitar, vocals)
Dave Walker (vocals)

01, Heartbreaks Make You Strong (Simmonds) 3.43
02. I Can’t Get Next To You (Whitfield/Strong) 6.53
03. 15 Miles To Go (Simmonds) 3.56
04. Raise Some Thunder (Simmonds) 2.33
05. Since You’ve Been Gone (Simmonds) 5.22
06. Medley (Greatest Hits) 20.45
06a. I’m Tired (Youlden)
06b. Hard Way To Go (Youlden)
06c. Louisiana Blues (Morganfield)
06d. Street Corner Talkin’ (Simmonds)
06e. Hellbound Train (Simmonds/Sylvester)
06f. Guitar Solo (Simmonds)
07. Bad Intentions (Simmonds)     4:49
08. Poor Girl (Stevens) 4.11
09. Wang Dang Doodle (Dixon) 5.02
10. All I Can Do Is Cry (Simmonds/Raymond) 10.26
11. Boogie (Hey Hey Mama) (Simmonds/Walker/Macomber/Dagnesi) 6.44



Various Artists – The Relix Sampler (1985)

FrontCover1Les Kippel went to his first Grateful Dead concert in 1971 and was hooked. He obsessed over a way to bring the music home with him, and The First Free Underground Grateful Dead Tape Exchange was born after he took a tape machine to his very next show. Relix Magazine evolved from an effort to unite tapers of Grateful Dead shows on a broader scale.
Toni Brown went to see the Grateful Dead in June, 1969. By 1980, she took on the task of editing Relix Magazine, Kippel’s publication that focused on the Dead Head scene and “intelligent music alternatives.” As owner, Publisher and Editorial Director, Brown effectively helped the improvisational jamband scene flourish. Phish, Blues Traveler, String Cheese Incident, moe., Widespread Panic, Dark Star Orchestra, Joan Osborne, and dozens of other successful artists were initially exposed to an international audience through Relix.

Relix Records was started by Kippel and Brown in 1980, at the urging of Grateful Dead lyricist, Robert Hunter. One of the earliest Independent labels, it was a natural offshoot of the magazine-a way to get non-commercial music to a wider listening audience. Relix Records became the home of such artists as Hot Tuna, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Flying Burrito Brothers, Robert Hunter, Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, Johnny Winter, Grateful Dead offshoot projects, Max Creek, Merl Saunders and many others.

LesKippel1974Les Kippel in 1974

This rare sampler compilation album includes one Robert Hunter track, one Kingfish track and one track from Matt Helly’s Wing And A Prayer that features both Weir and Garcia and two Savoy Brown songs. Initially released as a limited edition of 5000 copies.

What should I say ? LISTEN !

01. Matt Kelly: Dangerous Relations (Kelly/Cutler) 3.30
02. Flying Burrito Brothers: Wheels (Hillman/Parsons) 3.11
03. Savoy Brown: Train To Nowhere (*) (Youlden/Jones) 5.22
04. Kingfish: Mess Around (Ertegan) 2.57
05. Hot Tuna: Been So Long (Kaukonen) 4.13
06. Robert Hunter: Gypsy Parlor Light (Hunter) 7.42
07. Savoy Brown: Tell Mama (Simmonds/Raymond) 6.28
08. Jorma Kaukonen: Radical Sleep (Meje/Kaukonen) 4.04
09. Jorma Kaukonen & Robert Zantey: (Long) Walk In The Desert (*) (Zantey) 9.31

(*) previously unreleased


ToniBrownToni Brown