Screamin´ Stukas – A Lotta Rhythm (2002)

FrontCover1Tehosekoitin was a Finnish rock band formed in 1991. The band made music with traditional rock ‘n roll attitude. Besides pure rock ‘n roll, they also made some songs which were more like jazz, blues or tender ballads than actual rock. Tehosekoitin was really popular in Finland. The band toured after a successful decade in Suomi later under the new name Screamin’ Stukas in Britain and Europe. They translated all their lyrics into English. The tour wasn’t very successful.

Tehosekoitin made their first three recordings “Greatest Hits II”, “…ja valtakunnassa kaikki hyvin!!!?” (….and everything’s well in the kingdom!!!?) and “T.S. ❤ A.L” (a split with Apulanta in vinyl playing Finnish-style punk.

After those recordings Tehosekoitin changed their style into more traditional rock and made their first CD “Rock’n’roll”(1994) as they were starting to have some success in the Lahti region.

Tehosekoitin became known in whole Finland in 1997 with their single “C’mon baby yeah”. After that they released “Köyhät syntiset” and the success was guaranteed.

Tehosekoitin released also “Varoittava esimerkki”(1998), “Freak Out”(1999), Rock ‘n’ Roll Monster Movie Show”(2000), “Rakkauden Gangsterit”(2001) and “Golden Greats”(2002).

In 2002 they published a CD “A lotta rhythm” in English with the name “Screamin’ Stukas”. CD-single “Lupaan”(2004) became the last Tehosekoitin recording ever been published and they played their last gig in August 2004. A reunion tour has been announced for 2009.

Nowadays their singer Otto Grundström has also become known as a poet. He also featured as lead vocalist on the single “Rakkaus repii meidät kappaleiksi” By the Finnish punk rock group Pää Kii in 2012. (by wikipedia)

The bandname, the cover artwork and the label make you think that the Screamin’ Stukas are another Scandinavian band sounding like The Hellacopters or the Flaming Sideburns. Without doubting the talents of these bands, the Screamin’ Stukas play their rock’n’roll in a much more diverse way. Classic rock’n’roll tracks with screams are rare on this CD. The Screamin’ Stukas feel much more inspired by the late Sixties glam rock à la Slade, Sweet and especially T-Rex.


With their debut album A Lotta Rhythm, they spread fun-charged, explosive rock’n’roll which convinced me already after only a few chords. Although retro rock often irritates me, the Screamin’ Stukas are musically very flexible which makes listening to this debut a fascinating experience. There is 50s orientated rock’n’roll (Action, A Lotta Rhythm) as well as beautiful pop pearls where they sound as nice as The Beatles (My My Girl) or even as sweet as The Cardigans (On The Wing). Soul (D’Yer Understand) and Pink Floyd-like monumental stuff (Incomplete & Out Of Time) make also part of their big repertoire. Furthermore I can’t name you many albums having sweeter choruses than this one. The Screamin’ Stukas rule!!!(by

I never was a fan of Tehosekoitin, but I had paid attention for the high musical quality of some of their songs. When I heard they were going to release some of their songs re-recorded in English (as The Screamin’ Stukas), I was immediately interested. You know, their English lyrics couldn’t been worse than their Finnish lyrics, and Otto couldn’t pronounce English worse than Finnish.


The result was, and is, thrilling. If the whole album was like “Some Fun Tonight”, “My My Girl (Just Fell in Love)” and “On the Wing”, it would be a SENSATION. “Some Fun Tonight” is a full blooded rock classic (need ‘lost classics’?) and was actually a small Scandinavian hit, even though its video seen on MTV was terribly boring. “My My Girl” is the best imitation of the ’63–’65 Beatles I have ever heard. It is great fun. “On the Wing”, then, equals the psychedelic numbers of The Byrds (on Fifth Dimension and Younger Than Yesterday, excluding my personal favourite “Thoughts and Words”). These aren’t plastic copies, they have the real vibe instead.

Well, the whole album is not like that. “Action” is fun while it is such an old school rock & roll number. “Work It Out Sheila” and “C’mon Baby Yeah” aren’t quite like “Some Fun Tonight” but still sound like moderate rock standards. The lengthy “Incomplete & Out of Time” is slightly conservative melancholic rock but still it has that something. Unfortunately most of the rest consists of the boring rock & roll worshipping ritual that always was an annoying part of Tehosekoitin. (by fairyeee)

This record was made to be played loud !!!


Otto Grundström (vocals)
Hannu Kilkki (bass, background vocals)
Matti Mikkola (guitar, background vocals)
Tero Sundell (drums, background vocals)
Eba (piano on 03.)
Jukka Hakoköngäs (keyboards on 01., 04., 07., 09. + 11.)
Atte Härkönen (guitar on 09., 11. +12.)
Sami Ihajoki (trumpet on 11.)
Mihail Kapustin (trombone on 03.)
Poke Porala (saxophone on 01., 04., 08. + 11.,flute on 06.)
Teemu Salmi (trombone on 11.)
Jan Schaper (saxophone on 03. + 11.)
Mitja Tuurala (bass on 10.)
Juha Untala (trumpet on 03.)
Devil Virtanen (slide-guitar on 03.)
background vocals:
Ben Aaron – Knipi
Anniina Ahlström – Juha Ahvenainen – Mauri Saarikoski – Niina Jäntti – Petri Päivärinta – Päivi Rissanen – Virpi Taskila – Virva Järvinen

01. Ain’t Walking On Water 3.18
02. Work It Out Sheila 4.40
03. Some Fun Tonight 4.42
04. Action 1.45
05. My My Girl (Just Fell In Love)     3:01
06     On The Wing     4:13
07     C’mon Baby Yeah     3:11
08     Never Been This High     2:47
09     A Lotta Rhythm     4:18
10     Hellbound Train     3:08
11     D’yer Understand     2:46
12. Incomplete & Out Of Time 6.19

All songs written by Otto Grundström – Hannu Kilkki – Matti Mikkola – Tero Sundell