Sexteto Mayor – Vida, Pasion Y Tango (2011)

FrontCover1This ensemble is not only Sexteto Mayor by name (…), it achieves its greatness, class and outstanding musical identity by exploiting to the full all the possibilities its six instruments with their different characters have to offer – rhythm, vitality and melody spun delicately together. In this way, the inimitable impression of many sounds and tones blending together is created, as if six instruments were singing as one large choir – clear and pure.” (Jazzthetik 01/02/11)

“The Sexteto Mayor from Buenos Aires has never settled for the type of easily digestible tango that keeps the tourists happy. Even in difficult times, the sextet’s musicians have persisted in fathoming the depths of the musical soul of Argentinean Tango. And this ethos has brought them decades of international success and fame, in more recent years in their home country of Argentinia, too, where their album Vida, Pasión y Tango has been awarded the Gardel de Oro for Tango (…)” (JAZZthing Nov.2010 – Jan. 2011)

Listen ! Enjoy !

Mario Abramovich (violin)
Enrique Guerra (bass)
Fulvio Giraudo (piano)
Pablo Mainetti (bandonéon)
Horacio Romo (bandonéon)
Eduardo Walczak (violin)

01. Universo (Libertella) 3.35
02. Desde el Alma (Melo) 3.37
03. Pasión & Tango (Libertella) 3.47
04. Oblivión (Piazolla) 4.18
05. Sabor a Buenos Aires  (Libertella) 2.44
06. París Otoñal (Libertella) 4.11
07. Muerte del Ángel (Piazzolla) 3.08
08. Bajo Romántico (Libertella/Murtagh) 4.09
09. Invierno Porteño (Piazzolla) 3.45
10. De Azul y Barro (Libertella) 2.45
11. Gallo Ciego (Bardi) 3.03
12. Romance de Tango (Stampone) 3.00
13. El Marne (Arolas) 2.25
14. Tierra Querida (De Caro) 3.28
15. Romántico Bandoneón (Libertella) 3.28