Simeon Soul Charger – Harmony Square (2012)

FrontCover1Simeon Soul Charger is an American Psychedelic Rock band. Their music has been described as a cinematic pastiche of folk, blues, progressive, 70’s psychedelic and stoner rock.

US quartet SIMEON SOUL CHARGER was formed in 2008, and released two initial EPs in quick succession following the formation. Then they signed to the German label Gentle Art of Music, which released their debut album “Meet Me in the Afterlife” in 2011 as well as their most recent production “Harmony Square” from September 2012.

Booklet02ASimeon Soul Charger’s second album “Harmony Square” is an album that should appeal broadly. Fans of progressive rock and classic rock both should find lots to enjoy here, and in particular those amongst them with a soft spot for psychedelic flavored music. If a general description such as retro-oriented concept album with a foundation in late 60’s to early 70’s psychedelic progressive rock sounds intriguing, you are most BookletFrontCoverAlikely a part of the core audience for this fine band. (by windhawk)

And the story of Simeon Soul Charger is a real crazy story:

Moving from Ohio to Bavaria’s countryside? That’s not the typical route for a rock band to go. Simeon Soul Charger, however, went down that road – courageously and successfully. The band’s albums, impressively shows that these four Americans do not think much of conventional approaches altogether.

Booklet10ASimeon Soul Charger have experienced quite some things since their inception in 2008. First there was the rather unusual decision to relocate the entire band from the members’ native Akron, Ohio to placid Bavaria, Germany ()Freising, near Munich)

This step was quickly followed by the two critically acclaimed albums Meet Me in the Afterlife and Harmony Square as well as various tours and countless live shows.

Aaron Brooks (vocals, guitar, piano, kalimba, percussion)
Joe Kidd (drums, percussion, vocals)
Spider Monkey (bass, vocals, percussion)
Rick Phillips (guitar, vocals, mandolin, percussion)
Manfred Feneberg (percussion)
Sandra Rieger (violin)
Susi Salomon (violin)
Friederike Seeßelberg (cello)
Claudio Vollino (harp)

01. Overture 3.29
02. Babylon Grove 5.31
03. All’s Fair in Harmony Square 6.02
04. Ms. Donce 3.14
05. Spinning Across the Grass 2.29
06. Doris 2.12
07. Oh What a Beastly Boy 3.18
08. The Piper’s Prize 2.41
09. The Devil’s Rhapsody 5.20
10. The Changing Wind and Reign 6.11
11. The Advent of Awakening 6.21
12. King Charles Norman’s Castle 8.01
13. See Sharp 2.55
14. Rayoweith’s Guillotine / A Gift from the Sky 3.43
15. Ashes 5.57

Music: Aaron Brooks – Joe Kidd – Spider Monkey – Rick Phillips
Lyrics: Aaron Brooks