Kim Simmonds – Solitaire (1997)

FrontCover1This is the other side of Kim Simmonds … the mastermind of the brilliant Savoy Brown (one of the finest British Blues Bands) !

This 13-tracker finds the Savoy Brown lead guitarist and British blues legend in a solo acoustic mode, moving between guitar, dobro, harmonica and piano. Eight of the selections are Simmonds originals, and the covers (Mance Lipscomb’s “Sugar Babe,” Leroy Carr’s “Alabama Woman,” Fats Domino’s “Going Home” and Walter Roland’s “House Lady Blues”) are not the usual suspects one usually counts up when it comes time to do a few of your old favorites in this kind of setting. Simmonds’ acoustic tone throughout is fat, rich and present, with acoustic 12-string being featured on “Bad Morning” and nice slide dobro work on “Blind Alley.” While Simmonds makes no attempt to hide his British roots vocally by submerging it in mush-mouthed crooning and sore-throated hollering, his vocals (and several of the guitar filigrees) also lend this album a decided British folk air as well. (by Cub Koda)

Kim Simmonds (guitar, vocals, harmonica, piano)

01. Going Away (Simmonds) 3.22
02. I Keep Calling My Baby (Simmonds) 3.26
03. Blues Vibrations (Simmonds) 2.45
04. Alabama Woman (Carr) 3.07
05. Bad Morning (Simmonds) 3.54
06. House Lady Blues (Roland) 3.22
07. Solitaire (Simmonds) 2.55
08. Evening Train (Simmonds) 2.46
09. Blind Alley (Simmonds) 2.52
10. Going Home (Simmonds) 3.42
11. I’m Cutting Out (Simmonds) 2.29
12. Depression Blues (Simmonds/Traditional) 3.07
13. Sugar Babe (Lipscomb) 1.58