Snowy White and the Whites Flames – Little Wing (1998)

FrontCover1Little Wing is one of the most adventurous albums in White’s lengthy canon — adventurous and esoteric. The opening “Discoveri” still feels as though it could have emerged from a Peter Gabriel session, at least until White’s guitar kicks into play, and lays waste to all around it. Deeply immersed in the blues, but with an eye for many of the same musical notions that rendered Jeff Beck’s turn-of-the-century output such a wonder, Little Wing packs no less than half a dozen stone cold White classics, including the electrifying power ballad “Long Distance Loving” and a truly eye-opening arrangement of the Jimi Hendrix-penned title track. Indeed, if the album has any downside at all, it’s that the first half is so heavily weighed down with jewels that the remainder simply cannot compete, and the listener’s attention really does start to wander. But there’s a simple solution to that, of course. Just set your player on random, and listen to Little Wing take flight. (by Dave Thompson)

This is basically the same album as Melting in the US, but with the longer uncut versions of many of the songs. Every song blows me away. There isn’t a bad cut on this album.

When I list my top 10 albums of all time, this one is in that group. Man, this is such a good listen. Blues rock guitar at it’s best.

His vocals… his phrasing… might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but his overall sound, his guitar, the groove and the mood he creates is special. Use your headsets so you don’t miss all the stuff going on in some of the cuts. (by cubs)


US version called “Melting”

Juan van Emmerlot (drums, percussion, synthesizer, strings)
Walter Latupeirissa (bass, strings)
Snowy White (guitar, vocals)


01. Discoveri (v.Emmerlot) 3.42
02. Long Distance Loving (White) 8.21
03. I’ll Be Moving On (White) 5.54
04. The More You Live (White) 4.32
05. Little Wing (Hendrix) 4.14
06. That’s When I’ll Stop Loving You (White) 4.11
07. Terpisah (Latupeirissa ) 2.18
08. The First Move (White) 5.31
09. Like The Sun (White) 9.29
10. That Ain’t Right (White) 5.05
11. Melting (White) 4.53