Soulwax – Much Against Everyone’s Advice (1998)

FrontCover1Much Against Everyone’s Advice is a 1998 album by Belgian alternative rock band Soulwax. It includes a hidden track that can be found by rewinding about 50 seconds before “Conversation Intercom”. According to the booklet, it is called “Turn on the A.C.”. (by wikipedia)

Soulwax’s US debut album Much Against Everyone’s Advice mixes rock and electronica on songs like “Too Many DJs,” “When Logics Die” and “Overweight Karate Kid.” The Belgian group’s mix of loops, guitars, strings and dance-inspired rhythms is fresh and appealing, and Much Against Everyone’s Advice – Soulwax’s third album overall – is their finest to date. ( by Heather Phares)

Booklet01AI often wonder what happened to the really catchy hooks and tremendous crescendos that used to fill songs in the late sixties? Well in Soulwax’s US debut they not only fill the void, they improve on it, pound it, punch it, & leave indelible marks on the wall of pop hall of fame. NOT ONCE this year have I heard an album that was this unpredictable yet totally satisfying. With tracks like “Flying Without Wings” & “Too Many DJ’s” most bands wouldn’t even bother with the rest of the album. Well these guys do. I think it would be totally neglectful to disregard David Sardy who is acting producer on this. If you are familiar with his own bands’ (Barkmarket) work you will hear the same intricacies here only a lot more tame. I can only imagine this album would have sounded TOTALLY different without him, so much props to David. If I had to compare these guys to anyone I would have to say ….well they are damn original. I guess “If you want KC & the Sunshine Band well they are not.” Not a wasted track to be found. And what better way to spend this summer with your roof down, be careful all of you without a convertible, and just play this. You will note how loud your stereo will be. Don’t worry that is perfectly normal.(by the poet)

David Dewaele (guitar)
Stephen Dewaele (vocals)
Piet Dierickx (drums)
Stefaan Van Leuven (bass)
Tracy Bonham (vocals on 13.)
John Schmerzel (vocals on 14.)
Steve Slingeneyer (drums)

01. Conversation Intercom (D.Dewaele/S.Dewaele) 3.54
02. Saturday (D.Dewaele/S.Dewaele) 3.11
03. When Logics Die (D.Dewaele/S.Dewaele) 3.29
04. Much Against Everyone’s Advice (D.Dewaele/S.Dewaele) 2.48
05. Overweight Karate Kid (D.Dewaele/S.Dewaele) 2.04
06. Proverbial Pants (D.Dewaele/S.Dewaele) 4.27
07. The Salty Knowledge Of Tears (D.Dewaele/S.Dewaele) 2.42
08. Flying Without Wings (D.Dewaele/S.Dewaele) 3.47
09. More Than This (D.Dewaele/S.Dewaele) 4.19
10. Too Many DJ’s (D.Dewaele/S.Dewaele) 4.10
11. Temptingly Yours (D.Dewaele/S.Dewaele) 2.34
12. My Cruel Joke (D.Dewaele/S.Dewaele) 4.24
12. Scream (D.Dewaele/S.Dewaele/Bonham) 3.39
13. Funny (D.Dewaele) 4.32