Southern Cross – Same (1976)

FrontCover1Southern Cross was an Austalian heavy rock band formed by ex-Buffalo members Alan Milano and John Baxter.
Milano was co-vocalist on Dead Forever while John Baxter was responsible for Buffalo’s heavy rock guitar sound. By the time this recording came about Baxter had left to be replaced by Bruce Cumming.
Alongside the likes of Finch, The Angels, Kevin Borich Express, Rose Tattoo, and Chariot, Southern Cross swiftly became one of the most popular hard rock bands on the Sydney scene.
They were signed to the independent Living Sound/Laser label where they issued their debut single towards the end of 1976, followed by their self-titled debut album in early 1977.
The album features melodic, raunchy hard rock in the vein of Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs and UK band Bad Company. It mixed flat out riff-rockers with moody rock ballads.
The album scored only minimal sales, despite its strong content and by 1978 they had broken up with Cumming and Brouet moving on to The Press, another Sydney based band with a punk edged heavy metal sound. (by silveradoraremusic.blogspot)
Okay thehard and heavy period of the Seventies is over … but this album is one of all theese forgotten pearls …
On YouTube, lisaveg1    wrote: “A mix of Eagles and Lynyrd Skynyrd….:))”
Jeff Beacham (drums)
Michel Brouet (bass, vocals)
Bruce Cumming (guitar)
Alan Milano (vocals)


01. Money Maker (Beacham/Cumming/Milano) 4.42
02. You Need It (Baxter/Brouet/Cumming/Milano) 5.21
03. Jessie (Cumming/Milano) 5.24
04. What Am I Waiting For? (Beacham/Brouet/Cumming/Milano) 5.31
05. Harris Street (Beacham/Brouet/Cumming/Milano) 4.51
06. Story Teller (Cumming/Milano) 5.23
07. Games (Baxter/Beacham/Brouet/Cumming/Milano) 9.20
08. Stormy Lady (Beacham/Brouet/Cumming/Milano) 4.57