Southern Lightning – Down The Road (1986)

FrontCover1.jpgI found only a few informations about this fantastic Blues-Rock band from Australia …

They was formed in die mid 80´s and play for two or three weeks … 2 albums and two singles.

The band was led by Dave Hogan, one of the finest Aussie blues singers.

After leaving Southern Lightning he was in another finde band, called “The Paramount Trio” … and he´s still active in Australia … .

Dave Hogan, still resident in Melbourne, blows a mean harp for pre-war blues style outfit The Paramount Trio, while also playing in Southern Lightning, and releasing records with both bands to acclaim in Australia. He recently formed Blues Hangover with original Pretty Things bass player John Stax. (by

But here we can hear him with one of his first bands … and if love and like this good damn ol´ fucking blues.rock … then you should listen …

This entry is dedicated ot all these more or less unknown groups, who played this music.

And you´ll find two sons of Robert Johnson. e should not forget, that these songs were written in 1936/1973 … and they are still alive and well … Unbelieveable !


Louie Black (drums)
Nik Guselev (bass)
Dave Hogan (vocals, harmonica)
Manny Seddon (guitar)

01. I Ain’t Superstitious (Dixon) 3.22
02. Down The Road  (Hogan/Guselev/Seddon) 4.43
03. Muddy Waters Blues (Barton/Hogan/Guselev/Seddon) 8.07
04. Shame Shame Shame (McCrackin/Geddins) 3.35
05. Stones In My Passway (Johnson)
06. Love Shock (Willis) 4.30
07. Blues For Breakfast (Harrington) 6.10
08. I Believe (Dust My Broom) (Robert Johnson) 4.52