Spencer – Regular De Luxe (1999)

FrontCover1Unfortunately I can´t find much more information about Spencer:

Spencer was a Swedish indie pop band. They released one album, “Regular de luxe”, in 1999. Their single “Golden retriever” was a minor hit on Swedish national radio.

Spencer’s Regular De Luxe stands as one of the most underrated Swedish pop albums of the 90’s. I had thought they’d disappeared altogether until earlier this year when they found me on myspace and I was delighted to learn that they hadn’t split up at all. They haven’t exactly been prolific, but there’s a three track EP from three years ago which you can download for free from their website thegoodones.se. (no more available !)

And it´s hard to believe, that this great Indie-Pop band is totally forgotten. But here you have the chance to listen them !

So, this entry is dedicated to all record collector´s all over the world … which are hunting rare items … here´s one of these rare recordings.


Marcus Bäckström (drums)
Morgan Enqvist (guitar)
Johan Öhman (bass, vocals)
Petter Sandström (guitar, background vocals)
Jonas Stadling (percussion)
Linda Jennervall – Jonna Sandell – Marie Sandell


01. Club De Luxe (Öhmann) 0.22
02. What To Say (Öhmann) 1.59
03. Table Tennis Girl (Öhmann/Sandström) 3.09
04. Golden Retriever (Öhmann/Sandström)    3:00
05. Everything’s My Fault (Öhmann/Sandström) 2.55
06. Armistice (Öhmann/Sandström) 4.27
07. Afraid Of You (Öhmann/Sandström) 3.02
08. Ray D (Super Rockstar) (Öhmann) 3.57
09. Beach Boys (Öhmann/Sandström) 3.18
10. Too Good (Öhmann/Sandström)  3.38
11. Something New (Öhmann/Sandström) 2.38
12. Anywhere But Here (Öhmann)  4.39




The singles