Strip Music – Hollywood & Wolfman (2006)

FrontCover1Strip Music was originally a side project from around 2001 when Yvonne disbanded. Henric de la Cour was the founder and frontman, Christian Berg originally played bass but switched to synths.
They found Fredrik Balck (drums) in a club called Nightlife in Stockholm. He introduced them to bassist Valdemar Asp, with whom he used to play in a band called Vendor. Patsy Bay (guitar), was Yvonne’s old guitar tech, while Jens Hellqvist (synths) knew Christian from when they were both in the band April Tears.
The band recorded demos. In September 2003 Yvonne’s manager, by now also an executive at Swedish label Playground Music, agreed to promote Strip Music. Since their first gig that month, Strip Music have played over 50 dates around Sweden while their single ‘Desperation’ gained airplay.

Strip Music01

The debut ‘Strip Music’ was released in august/september 2004 in Scandinavia, with the setting Henric de la Cour (vocals), Christian Berg (synthesizer), Fredrick Balck (drums), Valdemar Asp (bass), Patrick Johansson and Jens Hellqvist (synthesizer).
First shows abroad in UK, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Finland followed.Two years later, the second album ‘Hollywood & Wolfman’ was released. The band signed to the German label Drakkar. After the album was recorded, Fredrik Balck and Patsy Bay quit.
In 2007, the band toured Germany with the setting Henric de la Cour (vocals), Christian Berg (synthesizer), Richard Ankers (drums), Valdemar Asp (bass) and Jens Hellqvist (synthesizer). The live line-up was enlarged by David Lindh (guitar).

Strip Music02

In 2006 it was time for their follow-up album, with the ambiguous title Hollywood & Wolfman. The big dramatic sound is still intact but this time Strip Music have become even more personal in their musical expression. “Hollywood & Wolfman is bigger and darker than our debut album”, singer/lyricist Henric de la Cour states. “This record might not be as easy to embrace, but it grows and grows on you with every listen.” It is well worth it in the long run.


Many of the songs are lacking traditional song structures but rely on the distinctive atmosphere and mood created. Strip Musics biggest asset is still to achieve music sounding like a thunder storm while at the same time being soft like a gentle breeze. It is like their music lives within its own little universe. “Our music is not connected to any passing music trend or style”, declares Henric. “It is built upon timeless themes.”

Strip Music03

Hollywood & Wolfman is the sound of something so unusual as a band that paves its own way. Strip Music is a group who dares to listen to nothing else other than their private inner voices. Strip Music follows their very own convictions. In a music climate that is more and more streamlined and slick, Strip Music stand out in their very own way, due to the fact that they are true to themselves. They are willing to point out that the world they live in is not perfect and yet still beautiful and even if it will not get any better than this it is still ok. Perhaps the most important thing is for one to learn and live with it. (Pelle Olofsson)


Valdemar Asp (bass)
Fredrik Balck (drums)
Patsy Bay (guitar, background vocals)
Christian Berg (synthesizer)
Henric De La Cour (vocals, lyrics)
Jens Hellqvist (synthesizer)
background vocals:
Kicki Halmos – Kris Le Mans – Therese Johansson


01. Hollywood & Wolfman (Mörkret Över Tranås) (de la Cour/Berg) 3.42
02. Headlights (de la Cour/Berg) 3.27
03. This Morning (de la Cour/Berg) 3.22
04. Sugar And Lime (de la Cour/Lindh) 3.21
05. Bright Eyes (de la Cour) 4.12
06. When The Red Light District Feels Like Love de la Cour) 3.28
07. The Cat And The City (de la Cour/Berg) 4.32
08. God Speed Your Love To Me (de la Cour) 3.18
09. Remarkable Life (de la Cour/Berg) 3.04
10. Lucy (de la Cour/Berg) 4.54




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