Various Artists – Sounds Of The World – Music Of The World – Asia – China and Japan (2006)

FrontCover1This is a low budget sampler with Exotica/Lounge or Chill Out music from Asia:

Lounge refers to a strain of easy listening music from the ’50s and ’60s that was based on the lush styles of latter-day swing and big band music. Lounge scaled these back, borrowing ideas from the worldbeat exploration of exotica, as well as the futuristic aspirations of space age pop. Lounge wasn’t as adventurous as either form, yet it wasn’t as watered down as Muzak — instead, it occupied the middle ground, appealing to fans of traditional pop as well as space-age pop. (

You can hear such music in hotel lounges all over the world.

But you can also use the music to fall asleep better, just as you like.



CD 1

01. Michiko Tanaka: Geisha´s Dance 4.18
02. Yuki Morita: Sacred Fushimi – Inari 3.40
03. Michiko Tanaka: Ocean Of Eternity 3.50
04. Michiko Tanaka: Matsumae 5.31
05. Michiko Tanaka: Chanoyu Ceremony 3.53
06. Michiko Tanaka: Matsuri Festival 5.24
07. Yuki Morita: Ode To Basho 4.42
08. Yuki Morita: Cherry Blossom Melody 4.03
09. Yuki Morita: Holy Mountain 3.52
10. Michiko Tanaka: Nara 4.44
11. Yuki Morita: Amanohashidate 4.11
12. Yuki Morita: Beautiful Ibana 3.59
13. Yuki Morita: Sleeping Vulcano 3.53
14. Michiko Tanaka: Great Mystery Of Shinto 6.47

CD 2:

01. Lotus Ode 5.33
02. Sichuan Mix 6.17
03. Dynasty Of Mercy 6.01
04. Yellow Riverthoughts 6.26
05. Jade Sky 5.58
06. Pearlriver Sunset 5.33
07. Wings Over Passes 4.17
08. Yangzi Waterballet 5.23
09. Echo Wall Song 5.51
10. Ricefield Chorus 5.57
11. A Tantric Ritual 5.17
12. The Birds Of Nam – Tso Lake 5.51
13. Palace Of Eternal Spring 5.31
14. Jokhang Soul 5.50




About the label:

Promosound Ltd. is a mid to low price record label from Ireland, offering a wide range of product with Original Artists, Wellness, Chill Out, Jazz, a great Irish Music Collection and much more.

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